Should I Sell My Property To House Flippers In Milwaukee WI?

Should I Sell My House To House Flippers In Milwaukee

Should I sell my property to a house flipper?” It’s the kind of question that some people might immediately respond to by saying “No.” But some of the reasons for that are misinformation as well as a lack of understanding about the specifics of each individual situation. The simple answer to that question is that it depends. It depends on your situation and it depends on what you want to accomplish. Before you make a decision in either direction, let’s take a look at the reasons you may want to or not want to sell your property to house flippers in Milwaukee.

How to Sell Your Property To A House Flipper In Milwaukee

It Makes The Process Much Easier

Selling a house on the open market presents all sorts of challenges, timeframes, and costs. That’s especially true if you’re adamant about getting a certain price for your home. You’re going to have to jump through a lot of hoops, do a ton of pre-planning, put some money into prepping your house for sale, and worrying about whether or not you’ll be able to attract buyers who can afford the price you want.

By going with a house flipping company instead, you avoid all of those concerns and headaches. You don’t have to worry about all the pre-planning, fixing, fees, and costs. You just sell directly to a buyer who pays you in cash right away. You free yourself from the burdens that come with the house and can move on to buy a new house or do whatever it is you want to do next. If you have a problem house or some kind of issue that makes owning your home difficult, it’s a great way to get out from under that.

You Don’t Have to Deal With a Real Estate Agent

There are plenty of good reasons to hire a real estate agent or Realtor. They help you navigate the housing market, use their skills and connections to get more buyers to your house, and they help you negotiate the final deal. However, all of that comes at a cost to you. When you sell your house using an agent, they are entitled to a commission fee for their services. Rates vary but most agents in Wisconsin take a fee between 4.5 percent and six percent. That might not sound like a lot but it adds up.

Say that you sell your house for $250,000. If an agent has a five percent commission fee, they take $12,500 to split with the buyer’s agent. That’s a pretty sizable amount of money and means much less in profits for you. If you’re already cutting it close due to a selling price below what you were hoping for, that’s going to cause issues for you.

Selling directly to a cash buyer who flips houses cuts out all of that. Yes, you are likely to get a lower overall sale price by selling to a house flipper, but you won’t have to worry about an additional commission coming out of that dollar amount. You won’t have to worry about any marketing, inspection, or repair fees as well, all of which your agent might recommend if you sell on the open market. You might be surprised to find that the two sale prices end up being closer than you think in the end.

You Don’t Have to Deal With All The Details

As we mentioned there are so many things that go into selling your house on the open market. You have to identify any problems with the house, either yourself or by paying for a pre-inspection, you have to make repairs or paying someone to do it for you, you have to consider staging or redecorating, you have to consider curb appeal, you have to properly market your house so buyers show up, you have to hop your buyer qualifies for a loan, and you have to negotiate a final price that you hopefully can live with. If you somehow make it through that process with your sanity intact and a profit in your pocket, it feels like a minor miracle.

Selling your home to a house flipper eliminates all of that. You don’t have to do repairs or worry about inspections. You don’t have to appease buyers or pay for extra marketing efforts. And you don’t have to get into protracted negotiations. The investor makes a cash offer, you decide when you want to close the deal, and then you walk away with money and a fresh start.

Can I sell my house to a house flipper in Milwaukee

Is Your House In Bad Condition? No Problem

If you’re dealing with a major issue in your house, or if you feel like your house is beyond repair, you might think that your chances of finding a buyer are hopeless. On the housing market, it’s going to be tough. Most buyers see any kind of need for repairs or renovations as a major red flag. And if you’re talking about mold damage, water damage, or structural issues, then those red flags are enormous.

However, chances are that you’ll find a house flipper who is interested in the property. Even if your house is uninhabitable, there is likely a buyer out there who sees potential in the property. That’s good news for you because even if you’ve given up on making any money for the house, there is likely a house flipper out there who wants to give you cash in order to take the home off your hands and try to improve it. That’s the great thing about house flippers and real estate investors, they’re looking towards the future, whereas homebuyers are often considering what things look like right now.

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