5 Ways To Save Money On The Sale Of Your Milwaukee House

When selling your house, things can get expensive quickly. That said, there are some ways you can save money when trying to sell your house in the Milwaukee area. One such way is selling directly to a professional home buyer that can help you keep your costs down. AtCream City Home Buyers we buy houses … Continued


How To Calculate The Costs To Hold A Property In Milwaukee

When you are thinking about selling your Milwaukee house, be sure you know the costs to hold the property. Keeping the property might be costing you more than you think. In our latest post, we take a look at the most common holding costs homeowners face when trying to sell their homes in Milwaukee. Holding … Continued

5 Things That Attract Renters In Milwaukee

As professional Milwaukee cash home buyers, we’ve learned the hard way that there are many factors that contribute to successfully earning the highest possible return on your investment dollar through your rental properties, and tenants are one of those determinants. For this reason, you must meet tenants in person; ensure everything checks out on their … Continued


4 Tips to Help You Sell Your House Without an Agent in Milwaukee

Selling your home independently, or FSBO, without the assistance of professional real estate agents, can be overwhelming at best. If you’re like many other home sellers, your immediate thought upon deciding to sell was to call a real estate agent, quickly followed by cringing at the thought of paying their high real estate commissions.  Stepping … Continued


What to do With Your Costly Milwaukee Fixer-Upper Property

Unfortunately for owners of fixer-uppers, when competing in the real estate market, most buyers search online for properties they can move into immediately. As a result, the likelihood is high that they will scroll right by a listing that doesn’t present well. As a result, sellers understand they are up against a severe challenge when … Continued


6 Efficient Ways To Improve Your Milwaukee Rental Property

Real estate investments can only perform to the level of management the property receives. Poor management techniques and inefficient systems lead to higher costs and less overall return on investment. These drains on the income can come from several aspects of the property, whether in mismanagement leading to extreme damage from what may have started … Continued


5 Things to Avoid When Buying a Milwaukee Investment Property

As a professional home buying company in Milwaukee with years of experience in the market, we know that for new investors that don’t have experience in buying property with an investor’s mindset, purchasing an investment property can be an exciting opportunity; we were there! However, there are many red flags you should watch for to … Continued


5 Tips for People Who Have Inherited Real Estate in Milwaukee

When you’ve inherited real estate in Milwaukee, it doesn’t necessarily mean congratulations are in order. Instead, it’s the beginning of a long road of decisions and details to handle at an emotionally difficult time. However, as the clock keeps ticking, holding costs will begin to add up, and you’ll need to take quick action to … Continued

5 Ways To Identify an Honest Home Buyer In Milwaukee, Wi

5 Ways To Identify an Honest Home Buyer In Milwaukee, Wi

Not every home or seller’s situation is a good fit for the traditional listing process, be it as an FSBO, for sale by the owner, with a licensed professional real estate agent or through a real estate investor offering cash for houses Milwaukee. Although unfortunately, there is a great deal of misinformation surrounding professional home … Continued


What To Expect When Working With A Professional Home Buyer In Milwaukee, WI

Not every home is a perfect fit for the traditional listing scenario. Buyers scroll through online listings at lightning speeds, and they’re searching for a home that is in ready-to-move-in condition. Homes that don’t quite measure up are typically bypassed and linger. Options for these type of properties exist, so if you like many other … Continued