Cream City Home Buyers

The Company:

Cream City Home Buyers is a local real estate investment firm and solutions company based out of Riverwest in Milwaukee, WI. We do our very best to provide win-win solutions to homeowners and help get them out of difficult situations by providing different selling options.

We have a few core principles that form the basis of what Cream City Home Buyers means to us as a company: We are always honest, always fair, and always transparent. If you’re dealing with us, you will be treated fairly and with respect.

When you call Cream City Home Buyers, you will be speaking either directly with me or my assistant, and I will very quickly get back to you to either set up an appointment where I can provide an accurate and honest analysis of your situation and see if there’s some way we can help.

We started the company in 2016 and based on our professionalism, sound principles, and good business practices, we’ve grown very quickly since, now helping dozens of homeowners solve their unique set of problems.

People often wonder what we do with the houses we buy. The answer is not always the same since every house and every circumstance is different, but I can say that our preferred real estate strategy is very simple: We buy houses, fix them up, and then rent them out at affordable rates. We take great pride in our properties and do our very best for the neighborhoods, communities, and tenants that we serve.

As we continually discover in this business, the houses we buy always turn into win-win situations for us and the property owner. Whether that person is going through a foreclosure, simply can’t sell it on the market, has delinquent taxes, long lists of code violations, or inherited a property they can’t deal with, we’re here to help! And if we can’t both walk away feeling happy, then it probably isn’t going to work out for either of us.

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The Team:

Owner ~ Josh Martin

Hello, and thank you for considering my company for the sale of your home.

We’ve come to realize, after dozens of real estate transactions, that few things are as personal as real Cream City Home Buyersestate, and sellers often want to know who the heck we are and how we got started doing what we do.

So, the short version: I stumbled into it. I didn’t grow up in or around real estate any more than most people do, and the only real estate experience I had growing up was helping to sell my dad’s after he passed away. (Coincidentally, it was right after the market fell out in late 2008, and we sold it quickly to a cash buyer! So I have been on both sides of this!)

Years ago I went to UW Milwaukee and received two bachelors degrees, philosophy and psychology, and I always had a real mission to help, I just didn’t know where or how that would come about.

With grim job prospects in the academic world and the reality of needing income for myself and my mother, an old family friend recommended I consider getting a real estate license. Without much planning, I did just that the a month or two later I started buying and selling houses. Now years later, I love what I do, and I’m very lucky to have found the opportunity to own and run a business that is based on helping people solve their unique problems.

cream city home buyersCream City Home Buyers is a business and project that I’m very passionate about, and as a team and business we are grateful to all the clients we have the opportunity to work with. Whether that happens to be you or not, we thank you!






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