City of Milwaukee Tax Foreclosures – What’s the Deal?

City of Milwaukee Tax Foreclosures ~ What’s the Deal?   Being an active real estate investor and broker in the greater Milwaukee area, I’ve encountered a good number of city of Milwaukee tax foreclosures. Especially novice and out of state investors find these properties attractive because they normally carry a price tag of around $2,500 … Continued

Should I Sell My House for Cash?

“Should I Sell My House for Cash?” All Pros and Cons So, you’re considering selling your house for cash but not exactly sure what that entails. This article will walk you through all the pros and cons you need to consider when making this decision. I do have to say though, in the interest of being … Continued

How To Sell Your House Online

 Selling your home can be a painful and extensive process. Your house can sit on the market for months without a single offer, which can be even worse if you’re needing to sell your house fast. If you are selling with a realtor, you will be faced with paying the realtor fees and commission, house staging, repairs, etc… So, what … Continued