What Makes Us Different From Other Milwaukee Home Buying Companies

3 Things That Make Cream City Home Buyers Different From Other Home Buyers in Milwaukee

What Makes Us Different From Other Milwaukee Home Buying Companies

Cream City Home Buyers is one of the top home buying companies in Milwaukee. We buy houses in Milwaukee quickly and in any condition. Bringing together the expertise of the most highly regarded real estate professional licensed real estate agents and professional property investors has created the professional hybrid agent investor. These professionals act as real estate agents and utilize the most modern technologies to professionally market a property for sale on the Milwaukee MLS by working through the traditional listing and sales process. These savvy agents have their fingers on the market’s pulse and know the most up-to-date strategies that work best to showcase your property. As a result, your listing will stand out among the crowd on the top sites, with our top agents working with you to sell your home.

For those who don’t choose to follow the conventional path, this same agent will offer to buy your property from you directly, taking off the hat of a real estate agent. Acting strictly as a professional investor, they do not charge commissions on the sale, cover the closing costs, and pay you cash for your property in as-is condition. What this means for you with a direct sale is you avoid all of the work and worry of making updates or repairs, and there is no need for you to prep or keep things spotless at all times for showings; many sellers prefer not having to deal with showings and find a direct sale a better option. For others, circumstances make the option of waiting for a buyer impossible, such as employment forcing a move to a new market or personal responsibilities calling you away from Milwaukee. Whatever your reasons for selling, and whichever method works best for you, read on as we explore three things that make Cream City Home Buyers different from other home buyers in Milwaukee.


The first thing that makes Cream City Home Buyers different from other home buyers in Milwaukee

professional hybrid agent investors understand the importance of communication, which means your questions will not go unanswered when you reach out. With possibly the largest transaction of your lifetime, it is understandable that you have questions; the professional hybrid agent investors at Cream City Home Buyers respond promptly and won’t leave you feeling lost in the process. We stop everything and take the time to listen to you and address any concerns you may have. We are your neighbors who live and work here in Milwaukee, and we care about our community and its people. What you won’t find at Cream City Home Buyers are high-pressure sales tactics. You will find our contracts are straightforward and working with our professional hybrid agent investors, whose goal is to make the process as easy and quick as possible for everyone involved.

Best Option

Another thing that makes Cream City Home Buyers different from other home buyers in Milwaukee is that our

professional hybrid agent investors want you to take the option that works best for your circumstances and brings you the highest profits for the sale of your home. To this end, you will have all of the details in writing to make an educated decision for yourself. You can review every figure used to formulate our offer and have a clear picture of the expenses you would take on should you decide to list your property with the professional hybrid agent investor as a real estate agent. You can compare the numbers for yourself, the amount you’d earn if you listed on the market vs. the offer to buy your home directly for cash in as-is condition; we will make an offer that you’ll agree is fair. We’ve developed this process to help you sell your house because we want you to feel good about your deal with Cream City Home Buyers long after the closing.

No Waiting

Last but not least, Cream City Home Buyers is different from other home buyers in Milwaukee because our professional hybrid agent investors have access to a vast network of service providers in-house. Our full-service team at Cream City Home Buyers means you won’t be spending countless days and weeks waiting for the inspector or appraiser and all other professionals that are a part of the time-consuming and complicated steps to complete the sale of your home. In addition, Cream City Home Buyers has assembled a team of the most highly regarded professionals across every profession associated with the real estate industry, from attornies to inspectors and closing agents, which means you won’t be left waiting days and weeks for the next phase of the process. Your guaranteed closing can be within a few weeks or less for those who select a direct sale. Now, don’t panic! If that sounds a little too fast for your plans, we have the flexibility to set the date that works best for you; just let us know when you want to close!

We invite you to talk to one of our professional hybrid agent investors and see the difference for yourself, with absolutely no obligation. Contact Cream City Home Buyers at (414) 488-0082.

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