8 Reasons Downsizing Makes Sense

While the American Dream teaches us to believe that each new home will be bigger than the last, there are various reasons why bigger isn’t always better when it comes to buying a house. When many homebuyers get older, they realize they don’t need much of the space they’ve got in their current home and find plenty of good reasons to downsize. Big homes come with their own set of concerns and issues, which can also cause homeowners to rethink their living situation. Here are eight reasons why downsizing makes sense. 

8 Reasons Downsizing makes sense:

Down With Stress

One of the biggest benefits to downsizing your living situation is cutting down on the stress that comes with having a larger living situation. The mortgage on a large house can stifle your finances and put a real strain on your mental state if you fall behind. There are also all of the costs and concerns that come with trying to maintain a large house. More house means more things that can go wrong. A bigger house often necessitates more “stuff” and that can bring its own types of stress, financial or otherwise, as well. 

Down With Upkeep

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Your large house is probably sitting on a large property. That means not only a lot of upkeep inside the house but outside as well. You probably have a lawn to maintain, landscaping to stay on top of, a driveway that needs attention, and all of the wear and tear that comes with the exterior of any large home. And you might not have a choice if you live somewhere with a strict HOA. The endless cycle of trying to maintain these things also lends itself to more stress and less free time for yourself. Think of what you could do with all the extra time you’d have if you didn’t have to worry about all this upkeep.

Down With Cleaning

Just like you won’t have to worry about all that exterior upkeep, downsizing allows you to worry way less about the amount of time you put into cleaning inside the house. Think of how long it takes to clean a 2,000 square-foot house well and then compare that to how long it takes to clean a 1,000 square-foot property. Again, it’s not just about the work that goes into it all but it’s about the time it takes as well. Cleaning multiple bathrooms, pushing the vacuum up and down the stairs, dealing with the many closets and crevices that somehow fill up with dust. The less you have to worry about cleaning each week, the more you can concern yourself with low maintenance living however you want. 

Up With Safety

As you get older, the more that stairs become a cause for concern. The truth is that it can be hard to get around and the larger your house the more of a hassle it becomes. That’s especially true if you’re dealing with multiple levels. Arthritis and other aging concerns can make it hard to deal with at a daily pace and can accumulate over time. God forbid, you run the risk of having an accident and falling at some point as well. By downsizing to a single-level home, you can cut out those risks while also making your daily lifestyle so much smoother. Rooms are closer together and it’s so much easier to get from point A to point B. 

Down With Clutter

The truth is that if you own a large home you are probably to want to fill that space with stuff. It’s just human nature. We dislike empty space. So chances are that your large house has accumulated a lot of stuff that you don’t actually need or use. By downsizing, you will be forced to get real about what you actually want and what you don’t. Marie Kondo might ask you if each item in your house “sparks joy” and you should consider that as well. The more you can declutter, the more you can live a lighter and cleaner lifestyle. Plus, plenty of that stuff you don’t need can be donated or go to people who will actually appreciate it. 

Down With Utility Payments

Trying to heat a large home in summer or cool a large home in summer can add up really quick when it comes to utility bills. Not to mention what it costs to keep the lights on, especially if people are leaving the lights on all over the house. It goes without saying that utility bills are likely to be bigger with a large house. By downsizing, you cut down on your monthly costs significantly. Downsizing also means less need for fans, fewer power outlets, and fewer appliances throughout the house. If your large house also comes with a pool or backyard entertainment of any kind, you know there are plenty of payments needed to keep that up as well. Plus, you might end up downsizing into a community where some utilities are covered.

Electric utilities Up With Money Saved

The simple truth is that, barring some serious misjudgment, you will save money month-to-month by downsizing. In fact, many people who downsize from a large home to a small one see such significant savings that it changes their entire lives. All of a sudden, that vacation you always wanted to take seems possible and the special gifts you wanted to get are easy to afford. You may or may not notice the financial benefit on day one, but you will notice it sooner than later for sure. 

Up With the Environment

It’s not just about saving money on utilities and upkeep. By moving into a smaller living space, you’re doing more to help the environment. A smaller house means fewer materials needed to make it. Fewer vehicles mean less CO2 emissions in the air. Fewer appliances and home sizes mean less electricity needed to power everything. The smaller the exterior property, the less gasoline needed to power mowers and the fewer chemicals needed to put into the ground. Downsizing makes you a greener person without even trying that hard. 

If you don’t want to waste any more time or money on an oversized home, contact Cream City Home Buyers today. They’ll make you a cash offer on your home so you can start your downsizing journey and start living the life you want to, free from financial burdens. 

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