What Can the Executor of a Will Do and Not Do When Selling a House
5 Cheap Ways to Increase Home Value

5 Cheap Ways to Increase Home Value

Potential home buyers look at things beyond the simple home exterior. The average cost of complete home renovations can get pricey fast, but not all changes have to be expensive and painful.  Many DIYS are affordable and easy to complete in a weekend or two. The average cost of a home remodel does not need … Continued

Cracked Foundation Repairs You Can Make Before Selling Your House

Your home is probably your most valuable investment. It provides shelter, a place to store your possessions, and keeps your family safe. It can also have tremendous monetary value if you sell your house. Unfortunately, one issue that can significantly reduce the value of your home is a cracked foundation, and homeowners look for them … Continued

Fire Damaged Home Repair Tips and Advice for Homeowners

A devastating fire is a traumatic experience that leaves behind not just physical damage, but emotional scars as well. And now, you have no place to call home. The obvious next step is to start fire damage home repair. It’s a complex and challenging process that includes a variety of tasks, such as assessing the … Continued
Which of the Four Seasons is the Best to Sell a House?

Which of the Four Seasons is the Best to Sell a House?

Are you looking for a favorable seller’s market in Wisconsin? Generally, the housing market has a better and worse time for putting a new home on the real estate market. For instance, buyers can find a more favorable buyer’s market during the winter months. However, the best season to sell a house is generally in … Continued

A Guide To Home Inspection Checklists for Sellers

If you’re planning on selling a house, a home inspection is an important step that you will have to complete before closing the sale. However, what exactly is a home inspection, and what does it involve? Will it cost you a lot of money? This article will explain how to get a home inspection and … Continued

10 Tips to Help Sell Your Home Fast

The housing market is booming, and homeowners are looking for effective ways to sell their homes quickly. Selling your home fast is the ultimate goal of most homeowners. However, this can be a challenging feat to accomplish. When you’re trying to get a sale quickly, it can feel downright impossible.  With all of the things … Continued

Should You Sell Your House As Is or Fix It Up?

Are you in a rush to sell a house with structural or cosmetic damage? Selling a home that requires repairs isn’t an easy task. Should you bother fixing it or sell it as is? What are the pros and cons of each option?  Today, you’ll read about the benefits of making renovations before a home … Continued

The Entire Cash Offer on House Process

Are you looking to sell your Wisconsin real estate properties to cash buyers? Would you prefer to sell your house in its as-is condition and sell the place as quickly as possible? A cash sale can make that happen. For instance, cash buyers don’t need a mortgage pre-approval and can directly buy the property within … Continued

The Fastest Way to Sell a House In Wisconsin

Do you need to sell a house fast? On average, it takes more than 70 days to sell a house from listing to closing, and that doesn’t include the time it takes to stage the house, improve its curb appeal, and prepare it for the home selling process.  If you’ve been searching online with questions … Continued
The Cheapest Ways to Sell a House In Wisconsin

The Cheapest Ways to Sell a House In Wisconsin

Selling a house can be surprisingly expensive. Closing costs can pile up, and you usually get less than the sale price. Homeowners who need cash quickly might find the various expenses of the home-selling process somewhat surprising.  Fortunately, there are ways home sellers can sell a house for cheap. Read on to learn the cheapest … Continued

How Much Are the Average Closing Costs When Selling a House in WI

Closing costs are an integral part of how much you can make during a transaction. Homeowners looking to make a profit through their house sale need to understand the average closing costs before putting their house on the market. Knowing the real estate market in Wisconsin, average property taxes, and recording fees are key to … Continued

The Fees Required When Selling a House

Are you looking to sell your home and want to know how much it will cost? You’ll find that the fees when selling a house get extensive. You may end up paying thousands out of the home sale profits.  For instance, real estate agent commission costs are 6 percent of the home’s sale price and … Continued
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