The Process of Selling a House in Wisconsin

Instead of doing everything yourself, use a real estate agent to help you with the selling process. After all, don’t you want your home to go into escrow?

We can help with that! A buyer’s agent will work with a listing agent to negotiate with potential buyers and get you the sale price you have always dreamed of.

Need help learning how to sell a house fast in Wisconsin? Read our in-depth guide to get the best deal possible on your property! 

A neighborhood with houses for sale in Wisconsin.

Selling A House In Wisconsin

The first step of learning how to sell your house in Wisconsin is finding a realtor that you trust. Instead of having to do everything yourself, like doing high-quality repairs, renovations, staging, and pricing, a professional can help you get the best price for a house while minimizing your to-do list (and stress) along the way. 

Secondly, homeowners need to decide the right time to sell. Working with professionals can help homeowners evaluate the market conditions to see when it is a buyer’s market in Wisconsin and when it is a seller’s market in Wisconsin. This can help you sell your house above the asking price. For Example, when home values increase per year, they are projected to continue to rise — making this a great time to list your house. 

Next, homeowners must decide how to price their home. Listing your house at the right listing price ensures it will sell quickly and avoid sitting on the market for too long. If you price the house too high, it can sit on the market and be undesirable. A too low starting point can cause the house to sell for a meager profit. Choosing the right price ensures buyers will sign the listing agreement. 

Fourth, homeowners need to learn how to prepare, market, and show prospective buyers around the home. Preparing the home includes staging the house, like setting the correct furniture and interior decor. Marketing the home consists of broadcasting the house through marketing channels, whether they are newsletters or online advertisements. In addition, showing the house requires a professional to guide prospective buyers around the house, describe details, and explain the pricing structure. 

The fifth thing that homeowners in Wisconsin need to keep in mind is to negotiate offers to get the best price. Agents can help a homeowner make the best choice as far as the best offer, comps, capital gains, and closing dates.

Another aspect of the home sale process that homeowners need to keep in mind in Wisconsin is the appraisal process. An appraisal is typically done by the lender to ensure the house is at the correct value for the current market. Once the appraisal is complete, the home inspection is conducted to ensure the house is in good condition.

The last aspect homeowners should keep in mind when it comes to selling a house in Wisconsin is the paperwork and the necessary disclosures to transfer ownership to another person. Homeowners must work with an agent to meet Wisconsin law, including filling out paperwork like Proof of Repairs, HOA Forms, Loan Payoff, Home Inspection, Closing Disclosure, and Correction Statement and Agreement. 

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Getting A House Ready To Sell

After a homeowner has prepared their house to sell by going through the must-do steps with a professional, they also need to make sure their preparing checklist is complete. This checklist includes getting a house ready to sell in Wisconsin that makes it suitable to put on the market. 

  1. Research the market — Understanding the Wisconsin housing market can provide a homeowner with when they should put their house on the market and the desirable price.
  2. Choose an agent — Selecting an agent that can help you sell your house in a specific area can help you get the home off the market quicker and get a higher asking price.
  3. Clean the home — Giving your house a thorough deep cleaning is essential to ensuring prospective buyers have a good first impression of your house and your staging.
  4. Remove clutter — Homeowners must remove clutter, depersonalize their house, and stage their home to look desirable to first-time buyers.
  5. Fix any broken appliances — Doing the necessary repairs and upgrades on the house ensures buyers will want to pay more for the home. Performing renovations can entice buyers during the final walkthrough to put a down payment on the home and show interest.
  6. Add a fresh coat of paint — A fresh coat of paint can go a long way. Repainting your house with neutral colors that look bright and airy can help make your house look more attractive on Zillow.
  7. Photograph the home — Although you know that your iPhone takes good photos, hiring a professional photographer to take photos of the house is a great way to show the intricate staining of the house. 
  8. Plan an open house — One of the final stages of getting your house ready to sell is planning an open house and being flexible with the prospective buyers who want to view your house. Hosting an open house with a professional agent can help you get multiple bids, whereas being flexible with showings ensures you can meet all interested buyers. 

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Pricing Your House

One of the main questions that homeowners have is — how much should I list my house for? Housing owners must price their house correctly to avoid it sitting on the market too long or selling for a price that is too low to make a reasonable profit. 

If a homeowner overpriced the house, it could sit for too long. If a homeowner underpriced the home, it could lead to a desperate sale. A professional agent will be able to help homeowners price and sell the house quicker than if you do it by yourself!

  • View comparable houses — One of the best ways to choose how much you should price your home is to pull similar listings on the market. You can see comparable listings to see what houses sold for, which houses didn’t sell, and recent listings that are doing well on the market. 
  • Compare ages — Finding houses of similar ages can help you decide what to price your home as (ex: a house built in the 1980s will have a comparable price to other houses built in the same period). 
  • Look at expired listings — See what postings have expired or been taken off the market due to inactivity or a price that is too high (and avoid doing this!). 
  • Look at pending sales — View pending sales to see how much a property is being sold for and the number of days it has been on the market. 
  • Analyze the square foot — The last thing to take into consideration when it comes or pricing is the square foot cost comparison. You want to make sure that you stay within the correct percentage of square footage comparisons to reasonably price your house. 

Making House Repairs

Making house repairs is one of the must-do items when it comes to listing and selling your house in Wisconsin. Owners must decide if they need to call a professional to help with the repairs or if they can do it on their own. 

There are a few house repairs that a homeowner should always call a repairman for, such as plumbing, hanging wallpaper, removing dents, and painting the outside of the home. When evaluating the cost to sell a house in 2022, making house repairs contributes to the total fees. 

Marketing Your House

A house for sale in Wisconsin with a "For sale" sign.

Marketing your house can bring prospective buyers to your home to see if it is right for them. There are certain things to keep in mind when it comes to learning how to market your house for sale in Wisconsin in 2022. 

Homeowners should set a fair price compared to other listings on the market, take professional photos, use social media, write an accurate listing description, stage the home, and bring in prospective buyers through open houses and viewings. Evaluating the local markets, like the Milwaukee housing market, can help you list your house correctly. 

Staging Your House

Hiring a professional can help homeowners properly stage their house to declutter their home, increase the curb appeal, boost the market value, depersonalize their house, and make it enticing to prospective buyers. Preparing the property to be ready to place on the market can help a house sell much faster than if you keep your furniture and decor inside the home. 

Fielding Offers

After you have marketed and staged your house, it is time to deal with the multiple offers you will get! Fielding offers are a vital part of getting the best deal possible and avoiding low-ball offers. Homeowners need to speak with an agent to get the best price possible, review contingencies, and weigh all offers equally. 

Fielding a buyer’s offer includes the seller’s agent working with the title company to transfer the title insurance to the buyer. Lastly, fielding offers requires the home sellers to evaluate a counteroffer for their home, perform a comparative market analysis, and create a purchase agreement.

House Inspections

The last aspect of selling a house that homeowners must keep in mind is conducting a house inspection. A home inspection is when the buyer comes and views the hose to see if it is what they had in mind. 

This visual analysis can help a buyer decide if the home is safe and listed correctly. Conducting a house inspection with prospective buyers adds a sense of trustworthiness to the sale process. 

Costs When Selling A House In Wisconsin

There are a few must-know costs that come with selling a house in Wisconsin:

  • Around 11% of the final price will go towards selling costs when selling a house in Wisconsin
  • Preparing for sale comes to between $5,000 and $10,000 on average
  • Closing costs can go as high as $3,100 in Wisconsin
  • Relocation expenses are between $4,000 and $8,000
  • Home staging has an average project cost of just over $1.4K 
  • Landscaping and installation costs come to just over $3.3K
  • A realtor’s commission is between 4.8% and 6.5%, depending on the company you use
  • Seller concessions are between $2,500 and $8K 


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