Your Guide to Selling a House With Solar Panels

Selling a house equipped with solar panels presents unique advantages and considerations. Whether you have owned solar panels or a solar lease, these features can significantly enhance your home’s property value and appeal to potential buyers.

In areas with rising energy costs, homes with a solar energy system offer the promise of reduced energy bills and energy independence, making them highly attractive.

Additionally, with the growing emphasis on clean energy and reducing carbon footprints, marketing a solar-powered home can be a powerful selling point.

This guide will provide you with essential insights into the selling process, from understanding solar agreements, such as power purchase agreements and solar leases, to navigating financial aspects like solar loans and the federal solar tax credit.

Whether you are dealing with a solar provider or installing solar panels outright, preparing to sell your solar-equipped home requires specific knowledge to ensure a smooth transaction.

2024 Guide to Selling a House With Solar Panels in Milwaukee

How To Sell A House With Solar Panels

Selling a house with solar panels involves clear communication and strategic marketing to highlight the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy to attract potential buyers.

Understanding Solar Ownership

When selling a house with solar panels, it’s crucial to clarify the ownership status. Owned solar panels can increase property value and attract buyers looking for energy savings and environmental benefits.

If the panels are leased, you must inform potential buyers about the solar lease terms. Ensure all details about solar agreements, like power purchase agreements or solar leases, are transparent to avoid surprises during the selling process.

Highlighting Financial Benefits

Solar homes can offer significant cost savings, which should be a key selling point. Emphasize how solar power reduces energy bills and may qualify the new owner for tax benefits like the federal solar tax credit.

Detail any solar loans or financed solar panels and how they affect the financial aspects of the home. If the solar system is purchased outright, this can be particularly appealing, as it implies no additional costs will be transferred to the buyer.

Marketing Clean Energy Advantages

Prospective buyers often value clean energy, which reduces the carbon footprint of the home. Highlight the energy efficiency and renewable energy aspects of the solar system.

A solar-powered home not only promises lower energy costs but also contributes to climate change mitigation. These points can significantly boost the appeal of your property, especially in markets like Milwaukee, where rising energy prices are a concern.

Closing the Deal

When it’s time to close the deal, ensure all documentation regarding the solar panel system, including warranties from the solar installer or solar provider, is available. Demonstrating the system’s benefits, backed by accurate utility bills and net metering details, can reassure buyers and facilitate a smoother transaction.

How Do Solar Panels Benefit A House Sale?

Solar panels significantly boost a house’s marketability. By offering energy independence and lower utility bills, solar energy systems make a property highly attractive to potential buyers concerned with rising energy costs.

Highlighting the energy savings and reduced electric bills through net metering can sway prospective buyers looking for economical and environmentally friendly homes.

Additionally, houses with solar panels often see an increase in property value. The presence of an installed solar system, whether owned outright or through a solar loan, suggests a modern, energy-efficient home.

This is a strong selling point, as it aligns with the growing demand for renewable energy solutions and clean energy commitments.

Finally, the environmental benefits of reduced carbon footprints and supporting climate change mitigation are compelling advantages that resonate with today’s eco-conscious buyers. These factors not only enhance the property’s appeal but also support a higher selling price, making solar panels a wise investment for homeowners.

Tips For Selling A House With Solar Panels

Effectively selling a house with solar panels requires targeted strategies to communicate their value and ensure a smooth transaction. By focusing on these specific aspects, you can effectively convey the benefits and practicality of your solar-powered home, setting it apart in competitive real estate markets.

  • Highlight Certifications: Showcase any certifications or awards your solar system has received from reputable solar providers or installers. This establishes credibility and assures buyers of the system’s quality.
  • Provide Detailed Documentation: Offer comprehensive details on the solar system’s maintenance history and performance metrics. This transparency can increase buyer confidence.
  • Update Technology: If possible, update the solar system to include modern technology, like smart monitoring. This can enhance its attractiveness by showing ongoing commitment to energy efficiency.
  • Stage with Solar in Mind: During home showings, ensure the solar panels are clean and visually appealing. Display any monitoring systems prominently to catch buyers’ attention.
  • Utilize Professional Photography: Invest in professional photos that highlight the solar panels and how they integrate into the design of the house. Good visuals can make a significant difference in how prospective buyers perceive the value added by the solar system.
Your Guide to Selling a House With Solar Panels

Mistakes When Selling A House With Solar Panels

Avoid common pitfalls when selling your solar-equipped home to ensure you attract the right buyers and secure a favorable deal:

  • Neglecting System Updates: Failing to update or repair the solar system can turn off potential buyers. Ensure all components function optimally.
  • Incomplete Paperwork: Not having proper documentation for the solar agreement or warranty details readily available can delay or derail sales.
  • Overselling Benefits: While promoting energy cost savings, avoid unrealistic promises about the solar system’s performance.
  • Ignoring Market Trends: Not aligning the solar home’s features with current market demands can result in a mismatch of buyer expectations.
  • Skimping on Marketing: Underutilizing the solar system as a key selling point in listings and showings can lead to missed opportunities with interested buyers.

Can Solar Panels Add Value To Your Home?

Solar panels can indeed add value to your home, making it a more attractive investment for prospective buyers.

This increase in property value is largely due to the perceived benefits of solar power, including its role in promoting energy efficiency and sustainability. Homes with solar energy systems often appeal to buyers looking to decrease their carbon footprint and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

A solar-equipped home usually attracts buyers interested in long-term savings on energy bills. The upfront costs of installing solar panels can be offset by the potential for increased resale value.

Additionally, homes with solar power might sell faster in markets where environmental consciousness is high. Buyers often view solar panels as a premium upgrade, similar to a renovated kitchen or a new roof, which justifies a higher asking price, thereby enhancing the overall marketability of the home.

Get Your Solar Panels Tested Before You Sell Your House

Before listing your home, ensure your solar panels are in optimal condition by having them professionally tested. This step not only boosts confidence in prospective buyers but also enhances your home’s marketability.

A certified solar installer can assess the system to verify its efficiency and overall health. This evaluation helps identify any necessary repairs, ensuring the solar panel system functions effectively.

Documenting the performance of your solar energy system provides tangible proof of its value, supporting your property’s listing price. By presenting a recent test report from a reputable solar provider, you demonstrate transparency and reliability, key factors in gaining buyer trust.

Should You Remove Your Solar Panels Before Selling Your House?

Deciding whether to remove solar panels before selling your home depends on several factors. Typically, it’s advantageous to keep the solar system intact, as it can significantly enhance property value and appeal to potential buyers. 

However, if the solar panels are leased, sellers must understand the solar lease terms and potential transferability to a new owner. If the lease conditions are unfavorable or overly complex, it could deter buyers.

In such cases, consulting with a solar provider or a specialized solar installer can guide whether maintaining the system or removing it would be more beneficial for the sale. 

Is It Harder To Sell A House With Solar Panels?

Selling a house with solar panels is not necessarily harder; in fact, it can be easier, depending on market dynamics and buyer awareness. Solar panels can be a major draw for buyers interested in clean energy and long-term savings on utility bills. However, the ease of selling also hinges on the details of the solar setup.

Houses with owned solar systems tend to sell more smoothly than those with leased systems, as there are no ongoing lease obligations for the new homeowner to assume. The key is to work with knowledgeable solar installers and a reliable solar company to ensure all equipment is in top shape and all agreements are clear.

Furthermore, providing prospective buyers with detailed information about the solar energy system, including its maintenance history and any solar loans or solar panel loans associated with it, can alleviate concerns and highlight the system’s benefits.

Thus, with the right preparation and marketing, selling a home with solar panels can be very appealing to energy-conscious buyers.


Selling a house with solar panels can be straightforward if approached correctly. Highlighting energy efficiency, leveraging local advantages like lower Milwaukee property taxes, and emphasizing the ease provided by solar investments can attract prospective buyers.

Working with specialists like Cream City Home Buyers, especially if you aim to sell your house in Shorewood or engage Waukesha house buyers, can simplify the process. 

Remember, a well-prepared solar home sale is often the easiest way to sell your house in today’s eco-conscious market.

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