Should You Sell a Rental Property in Today’s Market

There is no clear-cut science on when to sell your investment property. It’s never just the real estate market at play here. You may have a ton of variables, such as performance, investment strategy, long-term capital gains, or personal circumstances, that may change your initial game plan, even if the main reason is to cash out at a profit.

Do you feel like it’s time to sell your rental property? Do you need to sell a house fast in Wisconsin? Want to know the best time to sell a house in WI? Let us give you a breakdown of everything you need to know to maximize your profits in the housing market.

A neighborhood with rental properties for sale.

Things to Consider When Selling a Rental Property

Milkwaukee cash home buyers may be looking for their next rental property. You don’t have to pay capital gains tax when you sell your primary residence, which is a wonderful perk of homeownership (up to a certain amount). Unfortunately, the same isn’t true when you sell a rental property. Rental income is taxed similarly to any other earned income, such as a day job or a side hustle.

In other words, rental income is taxed at your usual tax rate for the year, regardless of how much you earn from renting out your home. Depreciation and rental expenditures like maintenance, upkeep, and repairs may all be written off, which reduces your taxable rental revenue.

Capital Gain Tax 

There is a strong chance that you may have to pay capital gains tax when you sell your rental property. When you sell an investment or asset for more than you paid, you may be subject to capital gains tax. 

Those who hold assets for less than a year are subject to the short-term capital gains tax rate, which is the same as your regular income tax rate. For 2022, the maximum short-term capital gains tax rate on a rental property is 37%.

Based on your income, long-term capital gains tax rates are 0%, 15%, and 20%. For properties kept for over a year, these property taxes apply. The long-term capital gains tax rate may apply if you hold rental property on a year-on-year basis.


Depreciation deductions and the profit gained when selling depreciable capital property, which is taxed as ordinary income, are known as depreciation recapture. When an asset’s selling price exceeds its tax or adjusted cost basis, depreciation recapture tax is levied. 

As a result, the difference between the two amounts is “recaptured” by reporting it as regular income.

When an item is sold for profit, the IRS might use a tax provision known as depreciation recapture to collect property taxes. Speak with a tax professional for more information on these processes.

Selling a Rental Property in Today’s Market

As a real estate investor, renters will likely live on your property. If you decide to sell an occupied property, this may influence the potential buyers’ purchase price. Some potential buyers may see the rental property sale as a possible investment instrument, while others may view it as a potential primary residence. 

With these factors, how you choose to sell your rental property comes with potential options. 

Let’s explore them:

Wait For The Lease To Expire.

If time is not a big issue, the simplest method is to wait until the lease is up on your rental property. Once the renters are out, you can renovate and list this new rental home on the market as an empty residence.

Buyers seeking a family home are unlikely to choose a property that already has occupants. Buyers are concerned that the house won’t be as adequately taken care of as if the homeowners lived there. This is the best option if you’ve just a few months left on your lease. 

You may use that time to get things ready to sell the property, and then you can get things moving once the lease is expired.

If They Like It? Sell It To The Renter.

 Ask your renter if they would want to purchase the property if they don’t want to go. They may be your greatest bidder if they already know and love the house (plus their stuff is already there).

 If they can’t acquire a mortgage, consider seller financing. In this situation, you’re both the seller and the lender, allowing your renter to pay you. This is not always the ideal option for property owners, but it can be worth it if you don’t mind not having to wait for a transaction to close and dealing with a long sales process.

Sell the Home With the Renters in Place

This has become a really popular method of selling a rental house. This method will not impact renters. They’ll be able to remain in the home, leaving the lease unchanged. All that’s different is the person who collects their rent and responds to their calls when something with the property goes wrong.

Pay Your Renter to leave

Paying your renter to vacate may be an option if your current lease is long and you need to sell quickly. Many renters are okay with this option, especially if you’re ready to negotiate a better deal. 

Some of the more common  incentives are:

  • You make up any rent shortfall from the tenant’s move to a new location.
  • You can pay for the renter’s relocation expenses.
  • You can pay a predetermined sum that both of you agree upon.
  • If you take the correct measures, you may be able to persuade tenants to accept a buyout in exchange for a quicker sale of the property.

Who Has Rights When Selling a Rental Property

Rights when selling rental property depend on the state you’re in and the lease agreement with the tenant. If they are signed into a one-year, short-term, or long-term lease, that lease must be upheld if there is no exit clause or other means of ending the lease terms.

If the lease is about to expire, you can inform the tenant that you do not wish to renew the lease and that they will need to find a new home. Some state laws require landlords to give tenants a 30-day notice to vacate, but some states require up to three days.

Landlord and tenants discussing their rights when selling a rental property

Should You Inform Your Renters of Your Intention to Sell?

Landlords must communicate with their renters to ensure that everything goes as planned. Tenants play an important role in selling an investment property since they help maintain the property occupied and present it in the best light during showings. The landlord will have difficulty exhibiting the property if the renter refuses to comply.

Landlords should provide renters with a written explanation of their plans to sell.

If a home is being put on the market while it is inhabited, landlords should remind their tenants of their state’s rules regarding appropriate showing practices.

Landlords should tell renters when the home is to be displayed.

Do not allow a large group of people to enter the property without permission from the tenant, and do not allow strangers to enter the inhabited property without permission.

Provide the renters with a reward if they help with the process, for example, by keeping the place cleaner than usual.

To ensure a smooth and successful property sale, landlords must communicate effectively and openly with their renters. Don’t put off selling, though! Now is the perfect time thanks to the Milwaukee housing market bubble.

Should You Sell Your Rental Property Right Now?

Here are some of the things that might prompt you to sell a rental property.

Sometimes property market trends will force you to let go of your real estate investment. Examples include extreme tax rates, poor clash flow, drops in rental price, drops in property value, or excessive costs to repair.

This is no longer an investment if you’re making losses instead of gains.

It’s also important to understand that no two properties are the same. Therefore, knowing what your goals are can go a long way. For example, some investors want to purchase a tenanted property before selling and moving on to a different property. Others want to exit the investment altogether.

Selling your home will be a smart financial decision if you intend to spend the money on a more meaningful endeavor, selling your home will be a wise financial decision. Real estate investment trusts, stock market investment, bonds, and other assets with a bigger market cap are all excellent reasons to consider selling your rental property. If you’re seeking to sell a house, now is a great time as the market is hot and we buy houses Fox Point residents need. Learn how Cream City Home Buyers can help you sell your house now.

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