Your Guide to Burying a St Joseph Statue and Praying to Sell a House Quickly

Your Guide to Burying a St Joseph Statue and Praying to Sell a House Quickly

Are you feeling the weight of a stagnant real estate market as you anxiously await a buyer for your house? The frustration and stress of selling a property can be overwhelming, leaving you wondering if there’s anything else you can do to expedite the process.

If you are caught in this predicament, fear not, for we have curated a comprehensive guide offering a unique solution: a Catholic church method of burying a St. Joseph statue with the power of prayer to sell your house quickly. This age-old practice has garnered a loyal following of believers who swear by its effectiveness in attracting buyers and expediting the sale of properties.

In this guide, we will delve into the origins and significance of this Catholic tradition, providing step-by-step instructions on how to bury the statue and conduct the accompanying prayers properly.

Additionally, we will explore personal anecdotes and success stories from individuals who have embraced this ritual and achieved remarkable results and provide tips to sell your house fast

St. Joseph Prayer To Sell House Quickly

When it comes to using St. Joseph prayers to sell a house quickly, there are several approaches you can consider. Here are some ideas to guide you:

Prayer of Faith

Begin by offering a sincere prayer to St. Joseph, husband of Mary, and father to Jesus, expressing your faith and trust in his intercession. Ask for his assistance in selling your house, emphasizing your belief in his power to bring about positive outcomes.

St. Joseph Novena

Engage in a nine-day novena, dedicating each day to a specific prayer focused on selling your house. You can find various novena prayers online or in prayer books, allowing you to invoke St. Joseph’s aid consistently over a dedicated period.

Prayer for Guidance

Seek St. Joseph’s guidance in finding the right buyer for your house. Ask God to bless you with assistance in attracting individuals who will appreciate and value your property.

Prayer for Favorable Circumstances

Beseech St. Joseph to intercede as your house is listed for sale. Pray that the Heavenly Father provides for all necessary elements, such as interested buyers, fair negotiations, routine home sales, and a smooth closing process.

Prayer for Divine Timing

Request St. Joseph’s help in bringing about the perfect timing for the sale of your house. Ask for his assistance through an earnest plea for aligning the market conditions and potential buyers to ensure a quick and successful transaction.

Burying the St. Joseph Statue

The act of burying the St. Joseph statue is accompanied by faith and intention. It is believed to be a symbolic gesture of trust in St. Joseph’s intercession rather than a magical solution.

Combine it with genuine prayers, positive actions in the selling process, and a hopeful mindset to maximize its potential effectiveness. When it comes to burying a statue of St. Joseph to aid in selling your house quickly, here are some ideas and guidelines to follow:

Choosing the Right Location

Select a place of honor in your yard or garden that holds significance for you, such as near the entrance or in an area that represents the heart of your home. Ensure it is a place where the statue can be undisturbed throughout the selling process, such as near the sale sign.


Face the statue towards your house, symbolizing St. Joseph’s attention and focus on your property. This is believed to attract potential buyers and facilitate a quick sale.

Digging the Hole

Dig a hole deep enough to accommodate the entire St. Joseph statue, usually around 6 to 12 inches. It is recommended to place the statue in a small box or container before burying it to protect it from moisture and erosion.

Burying the Statue

Carefully place the St. Joseph statue in the hole, ensuring it faces your house. As you bury the statue, you may choose to recite a prayer or express your intentions for a quick and successful sale.

Marking the Spot

After burying the statue, you can mark the spot with a small decorative item, such as a plant, stones, or a small plaque, to serve as a reminder of its presence and significance.

Praying for Intercession

Following the burial, engage in regular prayers to dear Saint Joseph, asking for his aid in selling your house quickly with a good buyer. This can be done daily or as often as you feel called.

The St. Joseph Prayer – How To Do It

Father of Jesus Christ, St. Joseph’s prayers are a personal and spiritual practice. Adjust them to suit your beliefs and preferences. It’s the sincerity, faith, and consistency with which you offer these prayers that can have a profound impact on your home-selling journey.

When performing St. Joseph prayers as you are selling your house by yourself or with a realtor, here are some ideas and practices you can incorporate:

Create a Sacred Space

Set up a designated area in your home where you can focus on your prayers to St. Joseph. Arrange a small altar or display with a statue or image of St. Joseph, along with candles, flowers, or other items that hold personal significance.

Begin with Invocation

Start your powerful prayer by invoking St. Joseph’s presence and guidance. Address him directly, expressing your intentions and seeking his intercession in selling your house quickly to pursue the purchase of a new home or gain a cash offer.

Offer Gratitude

Express your gratitude to St. Joseph for his patronage and assistance. Acknowledge his role as the protector of homes and families, and thank him in advance for his help in the selling process.

Be Specific in Your Request

Clearly state your intention to sell your house fast and at a fair price. Ask for St. Joseph’s intervention to attract the right buyers and ensure a smooth and successful sale.

Pray with Faith and Trust

Approach your prayers with unwavering faith in St. Joseph and trust in his ability to assist you. Believe that he is actively working on your behalf to bring about the desired outcome.

Repeat Regularly

Incorporate the St. Joseph prayer into your daily routine. Set aside dedicated times to connect with St. Joseph, whether in the morning, evening, or both. 

Seek Support from Others

Consider gathering with friends, family, or members of your community who share your devotion to St. Joseph. Organize prayer gatherings or novenas specifically focused on selling your house quickly, uniting your collective faith and intentions.

What To Do After You’ve Buried the Statue

Combining your faith, prayers, practical actions, and positive energy can create a harmonious environment that increases the likelihood of selling your house quickly.

After burying the St. Joseph statue, there are several steps you can take to further enhance your efforts to sell your house quickly:

Maintain Positive Energy

Keep a positive mindset and maintain an optimistic outlook throughout the selling process. Visualize a successful sale, imagine happy and satisfied buyers, and hold onto the belief that your house will attract the right people at the right time.

Continue with Prayers

Maintain your prayer routine and regularly communicate with St. Joseph. Offer prayers of gratitude, reinforce your intentions for a quick sale, and ask for St. Joseph’s continued intervention. Consistency in prayer can strengthen your faith and keep your focus on the desired outcome.

Share the Tradition

Spread the word about the dear St. Joseph tradition to family, friends, and acquaintances in a similar situation. Explain how burying the statue has been a meaningful practice for you through testimonials and encourage them to consider it as well. Sharing your experience can foster a sense of community and support.

Seek Practical Solutions

While engaging in spiritual practices, continuing to take practical steps to sell your house is essential. Work closely with a real estate agent, advertise your property through various channels, stage your home attractively, and be responsive to potential buyers’ inquiries and requests. 

Another option is to seek cash home buyers in Wisconsin or nearby. Combining spiritual practices with practical actions can maximize your chances of obtaining new homeowners and selling quickly.

Maintain Your Property

Keep your house clean, well-maintained, and inviting for potential buyers. A well-presented and cared-for property is more likely to attract potential buyers and facilitate a quick sale.

Stay Open to Opportunities

Remain open to opportunities that come your way, such as hosting open houses, considering offers, and negotiating with potential buyers. Trust your instincts and be flexible regarding potential solutions or compromises that may arise during the selling process.

Thanking St. Joseph After Selling Your House

Thanking St. Joseph After Selling Your House

After successfully selling your house, it is important to express gratitude to St. Joseph for his pivotal role in your journey. One meaningful way to show appreciation is through personal prayer.

Find a quiet moment to offer a heartfelt prayer of gratitude, acknowledging St. Joseph’s guidance, intercession, and assistance throughout the selling process. Share your genuine appreciation for his role in attracting the right buyer and facilitating a swift and satisfactory sale.

Another way to express gratitude is by making a special offering or donation in honor of St. Joseph. Consider donating to a charitable organization or contributing to a cause that aligns with his values, such as housing or family-related initiatives.

Attending a Mass or church service dedicated to St. Joseph and offering thanks during the prayers or moments of reflection can also deepen your connection with him. Lighting a candle in a church or shrine dedicated to St. Joseph serves as a symbolic gesture of ongoing gratitude. 


Embracing the tradition of burying a Patron Saint Joseph statue and praying can provide solace, hope, and a sense of proactive participation in the selling process. While the efficacy of these Catholic practices may vary for each individual, the act of faith, combined with practical efforts, can create a powerful synergy.

By immersing yourself in prayer, maintaining a positive mindset, and taking practical steps to attract potential buyers, you can create an environment conducive to a quick house sale. 

Embrace the tradition with an open heart, trust in the process, and may Saint Joseph’s intercession guide you toward the successful sale of your house.

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