local home buyers hands holding new hundred-dollar bills and toy house

How To Find The Best Local Home Buyers In Milwaukee

Usually, when searching for a good local home buyer to purchase your home, you want to find someone reliable and that can quickly buy your house. But what is the difference between local home buyers vs. other buyers that claim to be local to the area? Is there an advantage to working with a local … Continued

Probate sign, stack of papers and gavel

Can Siblings Force The Sale Of An Inherited Property In Milwaukee?

If you or your siblings owned an inherited property in Milwaukee, could you sell it? That’s an important question to know the answer to because can be a complicated situation. When a single person inherits a house or property, the decision-making process is simple. But if two or more siblings inherit a house or property … Continued

Hands holding documents with title capital gains tax text

What To Know About Capital Gains Tax In Milwaukee Wisconsin

Selling a house involves many things to consider, “How should I sell my house?” “Should I hire a real estate agent?” “Should I spend money on repairs”? Which are all great questions to ask. When you start to dig a little deeper, you probably will come across something else to account for when selling a … Continued

Man having financial problems, can't keep up with home finances

How To Sell Distressed Properties In Milwaukee WI

Selling any property can prove to be challenging, but selling a distressed property is on another level of uncertainty. How do you sell a distressed home? Would it be better to do some repairs or try to sell it as-is? If your home needs several repairs, how do you even choose which ones to complete? … Continued

Man Collecting Water In Bucket From a water damaged Ceiling

How To Sell A House With A Leaky Roof In Milwaukee

You’re getting ready to sell your home and decide to have a home inspection done and discover that you have a leaky roof. Now you’re asking yourself, is it possible to sell a house with a leaky roof?  Selling a home is hard enough, adding a known issue to the mix could be a problem … Continued

Notice of Foreclosure document and house key

Can You Avoid House Foreclosure In Milwaukee By Selling

When it comes to purchasing a house and making it into a home, far from your mind is the intention of not paying your monthly mortgage. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances like the loss of a job, sudden illness, divorce, or death in the family, can lead to financial strain. Few homeowners actually plan to go into … Continued

Handyman with a tool belt and repair materials as background

6 Steps To Selling A House That Needs Work In Milwaukee

Do you have a house that needs work? Are you thinking about selling it? You’ve got a lot to think about. If you’re attempting to sell a house in Milwaukee that needs work, you’re going to have to consider your options. The chances that market buyers are going to want to buy your house that … Continued

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What Is Probate And How To Sell Probate Houses In Milwaukee

We’re guessing that you’ve heard of people selling inherited homes. You’ve likely heard of people selling foreclosed homes. And we’re guessing you’ve heard of short sales. But have you ever heard of probate houses for sale? It’s worth knowing what a house sold in probate means and what the process looks like, especially in Wisconsin. … Continued

model house on top of calendar with past due mortgage statement underneath

Behind On Mortgage Payments In Milwaukee: Can You Sell?

Given the current state of the economy, it would not be considered uncommon for a Milwaukee homeowner to find themselves falling behind on mortgage payments on their house. There are many reasons why you might find yourself in this precarious situation, especially if you’ve recently lost a job or are dealing with a huge life … Continued

a house with foundation damage in Milwaukee

How To Sell A House With Foundation Damage In Milwaukee

Foundation damage is one of the scariest phrases that someone trying to sell their house can hear. Hearing that a house has foundation damage conjures all sorts of disturbing images, like the house tilting to one side or even falling over. It sounds dangerous and it certainly tends to make a lot of people think … Continued

a chain around a house in Milwaukee under foreclosure with a gavel on top

5 Tips To Sell A Milwaukee Foreclosure

When your Milwaukee house goes into foreclosure, it can present a lot of problems and create so many questions, especially if you’ve never had to deal with that situation before. That’s especially the case if you find yourself in the process of attempting to sell your house and suddenly now have to concern yourself with … Continued