Best Things to do in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is a wonderful destination for everyone due to its diversified population. The cost of living is 3% lower than the national average, giving it the reputation of being more affordable than other major cities.

Whether you’re moving to Milwaukee for work or school, this metro area is affordable and offers a plethora of outdoor activities. Milwaukee is the most desirable city to live in when compared to other cities because of its short commutes and affordable rental costs.

This article will enlighten you on the many things to do in Milwaukee over a weekend.

Different Parts of Milwaukee

Different Parts of Milwaukee

Milwaukee is made up of several neighborhoods. From the cuisines on restaurant menus to the shopping areas, each one is distinct and unique. Here’s where to go in Milwaukee for a taste of local life, from trendy to historic:

The Bay View area is ideal for families, and a fantastic area in Wisconsin to buy a home. 

There are also numerous bars, beer gardens, and restaurants to choose from.

Brady Street is known for its numerous culinary options and great first-date venues. It is home to a thriving bar scene and some of the city’s greatest salons. Visit for a day of pampering and shopping, and then remain to see the street come alive at night.

The historic third ward is a warehouse neighborhood in downtown Milwaukee that attracts shoppers and foodies. On weekends, it presents a Summerfest to celebrate Milwaukee’s rich culture with food, dancing, traditional crafts, live music, and more.

River West is a diverse neighborhood with a strong sense of community, featuring a community-run bar, a community radio station, and a thriving co-op. An annual 24-hour bike race that’s part street racing and part all-night block party is held here.

About Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin lies 90 miles north of Chicago, on the west bank of Lake Michigan. Situated at the mouth of the Milwaukee River, it is joined inside its boundaries by two tributaries, the Menominee and the Kinnickinnic. 

The city’s wonderful Riverwalk route, which is a joy to explore day or night, is found here.
Milwaukee’s history was strongly affected by German immigrants in the 19th century, and it became widely known as ‘beer city’. 

In the last two decades, the Milwaukee Riverwalk, the Wisconsin Center, an expansion of the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Bradley Symphony Center MKE–the new home of the Milwaukee Symphony, Summerfest live music, Milwaukee Repertory Theater, and Discovery World, as well as major renovations to the UW–Milwaukee Panther Arena–have all been major new additions to the city.

The Fiserv Forum, which opened in late 2018, is a sports and performance arena.

COVID-19 Restrictions in Milwaukee

It is not business as usual yet in Milwaukee, but the COVID-19 restrictions will continue to ease up come mid-June this year. Limits on gathering sizes and occupancy will be relaxed for events and companies, according to Milwaukee Health Commissioner Kirsten Johnson.

After June 15, there will be no need to submit a COVID-19 safety plan to the health department for events held after that date.

After it exits its current Phase 6 directive, the city will continue to encourage residents to observe safety recommendations. Indoors, masks would still be required, while CDC recommendations for outdoor settings would be followed. Tourists and residents can now enjoy exhilarating outdoor pleasure, though limitations may be imposed if cases increase.

Things to Do in Milwaukee

Let’s explore some of the top things to do in Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

1. Historic Pabst Brewery

The brewery tour takes you to the famed Blue Ribbon Hall, where you can learn about the history of the brewery and the construction of the Pabst Mansion.

2. Milwaukee Riverwalk

Strolling along the Milwaukee River’s two-mile-long RiverWalk is a fun and unique way to get to know the city. The RiverWalk is transformed into an outdoor museum where you can see the city’s current art trends. 

3. Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory

It is often known as “the Domes” because of its three large glass greenhouses and has a  variety of plants to discover. Two of the glass domes have hundreds of unique plant species that replicate tropical and desert climates. The tropical dome is filled with exotic birds twittering and flying around, giving it a true jungle feel. A dynamic performance in the third dome recreates different environments throughout the year.

4. Grohmann Museum

From 1580, the Grohmann Museum exhibited a one-of-a-kind collection of paintings and sculptures. This museum will transport you to a simpler time before demonstrating the growth of the workplace. 

Milwaukee Zoo

5. Milwaukee Zoo

The Milwaukee County Zoo is a 200-acre forest park that holds 3,122 animals from 377 different species and provides a natural habitat for them. Witness amphibians, animals, reptiles, fish, and birds at this interesting zoo.

6. Discovery World 

Discovery World in Milwaukee has a wide choice of interesting and entertaining activities for visitors. The center focuses on science and technology, making these often intimidating subjects fun and approachable. Study unusual facts about the human body or discover how robots and other complex equipment work.

7. St. Patrick’s Day Parade 

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is part of a week-long celebration that includes four stages, four dance schools, seven bands, and a Children’s Zone.

8. Milwaukee Public Museum

Located in downtown Milwaukee, this museum is one of the fun things to do in Milwaukee. It is a public human and natural history museum that opened in 1884. It has three levels with 150,000 square feet of exhibit area. It has permanent and temporary visiting exhibits, as well as Wisconsin’s first IMAX Theater.

9. Public Market in Milwaukee 

The Milwaukee Public Market, found in the Historic Third Ward district, is one of the area’s primary attractions. It is a gathering place for farmers, locals, craftspeople, and tourists to purchase delicious local cuisine and stock up on supplies.

10. Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Lakeshore State Park 

This one-of-a-kind urban retreat in the city offers spectacular views of the skyline as well as plenty of outdoor fun. Volleyball on the beach near Lake Michigan’s shores is also a fun thing to do on the weekend.

Shopping in Milwaukee

Shopping in Milwaukee

Shopping in Milwaukee is an adventure by itself. There is an unlimited assortment of shopping opportunities in the Milwaukee area, from supermalls to stores. Major shopping malls, outlet malls, a variety of distinct retail districts, and hundreds of unique boutiques can all be found in the region.

When you go on a shopping spree in Milwaukee, you will come across antiques, books, and art items, to name a few. Some of the many locations to shop are Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear, Renaissance Book Shop, and Riverview Antique Market. 

Partying in Milwaukee

When the sun sets, the party only gets started. Milwaukee is a city that makes the most of its overnight hours, from bars to concerts, dance clubs to midnight treks. See a show, sip a well-crafted nightcap, or simply take in the sights of downtown.

Milwaukee is a major center for theater and the performing arts in the Midwest. In one of the city’s several amphitheaters, you can enjoy a variety of music festivals and sporting events.

The music and entertainment scene is diversified, and the atmosphere is friendly. Get to discover Milwaukee’s legendary casinos, jazz clubs, and hotels.

Coffee Shops in Milwaukee

There are a variety of coffee shops to select from, whether you’re looking for take-out or just want to relax and enjoy the ambiance. Here are some of Milwaukee’s greatest coffee shops:

1. Stone Creek Coffee in Milwaukee

This is a local chain that a lot of people aren’t aware of. They started in Milwaukee, but their brand is so polished that it feels like a major chain.

2. Colectivo Coffee Lakefront

Being just feet from the water, you’ll always enjoy a lake breeze while sipping a cortado and munching on a salmon sandwich.

3. Fairgrounds Coffee and Tea

There is a wide range of drinks at Fairgrounds, from matcha and kombucha on tap to those gorgeous, creamy rainbow-colored cocktails that beg to be on Instagram.

4. Starbucks 

This isn’t your typical coffee shop, it has everything you need for a complete and satisfying coffeehouse experience. They have a wide variety of quality teas, excellent pastries, and other wonderful foods to tempt the palate. 

5. Dryhootch

This non-profit organization is dedicated to assisting veterans in their transition back to civilian life. It is possibly the city’s most underappreciated coffee shop. The cafés are maintained by veterans and serve as alcohol-free gathering places for veterans seeking assistance, jobs, outreach, and whatever else they may require.

Best Lunchtime Spots in Milwaukee

Milwaukee’s greatest lunchtime areas cater to both downtown workers and tourists looking for a fast bite. Take your whole family on the weekend and treat them to delectable meals at MKE’s greatest lunch locations.

1. Pfister Hotel

The Pfister Hotel is a Historic Hotels of America member and the last actual nineteenth-century grand hotel in downtown Milwaukee. This four-star hotel is a tourist attraction in and of itself, with a full-service spa, salon, and Victorian art collection.

2. Sweet Diner

Sweet Diner is in the heart of the Historic Third Ward, just a short walk or drive from anywhere in the city. The restaurant’s goal is straightforward: take a classic diner, modernize the decor and menu, and offer clients an amazing breakfast or lunch experience.

3. Glorioso’s Italian Market

Glorioso’s Italian Market, right on Brady Street, is a full-service supermarket that sells Italian specialty pasta, meats, sauces, and other delectable treats such as gelato. When it comes to lunch, Glorioso’s offers a variety of selections.

4. Stack’D Burger Bar

Stack’D Burger Bar is hard to top when it comes to Milwaukee’s best burgers and a convenient location from downtown. In addition, the restaurant offers plenty of options for avid burger eaters and vegans alike. 

5. Swingin’ Door Exchange

For professionals looking for a fast bite in a comfortable pub ambiance, the Swingin’ Door Exchange is a popular lunch spot. The convenient location makes it easily accessible. The restaurant is known for its excellent bar and comfort meals. Visit and see what all the fuss is about.


Favorable cost of living, fantastic employment possibilities, family-friendly activities, and a food scene based around cheese and craft beer are some of the perks of Milwaukee. 

One of the city’s biggest draws is its affordability. Milwaukee has a cost of living that is 13% lower than the national average and 9% cheaper than the Wisconsin average. Brew City was also listed as one of the most affordable metro areas for first-time homebuyers.

This industrial hub offers enjoyable activities making Milwaukee the ideal vacation spot for anyone looking for a city break.

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