Sell Your House Online in Wisconsin

How to Sell Your House Online in Wisconsin: [Marketing & Advertising Help!]

Whether you’re a first-time house seller looking for tips or sold a few houses in your lifetime, selling your home online is a great way to find a buyer for your place. Since COVID-19, selling a house online has become more popular, but even before the pandemic, buyers started their home search online first. But how do you sell a house online? Is the marketing and advertising strategy different than the traditional approach of sticking a For Sale sign in the yard? All are great questions to ask when figuring out how to sell a house online in WI. To help you navigate an online house sale, we’ve compiled some useful tips below to guide you through the process. 

Sell Your House Online in Wisconsin

A Guide to Selling your House Online

Honestly, in some ways selling a house online isn’t much different than selling traditionally. A guide to selling your home would say to: 

  • Make major and minor repairs
  • Do improvements or upgrades to your property
  • Clean, declutter, and stage

The steps to getting your house ready to sell online are the same. But since you’re selling your home on the internet, first impressions are everything. So, a little advice for selling your house online, make sure to get professional photos taken, create virtual tours, and make sure to stage your home for an online sale. But to have great pictures and virtual tours, you’ll need to make the house presentable first. 

Make Repairs

Yes, dreaded repairs will need to be addressed before listing your house. However, it can be an overwhelming and costly situation if you have several repairs you need to make beforehand. If you’re like most homeowners, they have at least one home improvement job they’ve been putting off doing for over 12 months and 9 DIY jobs that desperately need attention. So that being said, you’re not alone, however, that doesn’t make the situation any easier. 

Ideally, you want to fix any major repairs that would interfere with you successfully selling your house online. Some major repairs would include:

Unfortunately, these repairs are another cost to selling a home and usually aren’t something you can do independently. Surprisingly, many repairs and even improvements require permits, so hiring licensed professionals will be vital to avoid unpermitted work. 

Repairs like these are important to make so that your home sale runs smoothly. However, if you need to sell your house quickly and just don’t have the money to put towards repairs, you can always sell your home as-is instead, which will be covered more later on. 

Stage Your House for Buyers

Along with making repairs, staging will be necessary too. Big pieces of furniture can make spaces look small. Dark or bold paint colors can also stand out and not in a good way. So you’ll want to take an inventory of your home and try to visualize it through a buyer’s eyes. Storing big pieces of furniture would be a good idea, removing rugs helps eliminate designated spaces. Painting rooms to a more neutral color would be a good idea to brighten the area and appeal to more buyers’ tastes. Curb appeal is also important to make the house look warm and inviting. Adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door wouldn’t hurt and some potted flowers or a new doormat. All of these staging tips when selling your house online are relatively inexpensive and should only take a few hours to complete.

Don’t Forget Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words

The first thing buyers will see when shopping online for their next house are photos of your listing. A professional real estate photographer will know how to highlight your house’s best features and work with lighting to create stunning images. It’s pretty impressive what an experienced photographer can do to make rooms look bigger and brighter in photos. So investing in great listing photography is key to selling a house online. The photographer you work with may be able to create a video walkthrough of your home or recommend someone to create a virtual tour of your place. These are also great aids for buyers to see and visualize your house before even walking through the door. Not to mention virtual tours will help cut down on the number of people walking through your home since more serious buyers will likely want to schedule a physical walkthrough. 

Once the house is ready to go and you have professional photos taken, you should be prepared to post your listing online. You’ll just need to decide on a selling strategy, and when it comes to selling online, you have several to choose from, which will be covered next.

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Selling your House on Social Media

Did you know that several people have been able to sell their houses on social media? It sounds strange, using social media to sell your house, but you can use social advertising to sell your home. The more people that can see your listing, the better, and what great place to give your listing more exposure than social media. 

A few places you can post about your home sale would include Facebook and Instagram. This is when those professional photos will also come in handy to use along with your listing description. Just make sure you change your privacy settings on your account and for people to have a way to contact you if they’re interested. 

Besides posting to your own social media, another good place to post would be on your local city or neighborhood Facebook page or Instagram. Just double-check that it’s ok to post your listing to those pages. Advertising on your neighborhood and city page could be helpful for people looking to buy in your subdivision or in the Milwaukee area. 

If you hire an agent to sell your house, you’ll want to ask if they will be using social media to advertise your home sale. But if you decide to sell on your own, it will be up to you to post about your listing. 

Listing your House on Online Marketplaces

After you’ve posted your home sale online next, you’ll want to use house listing sites. If you hire a realtor to sell your Milwaukee property, they will use home listing sites and the MLS. If you sell your house without a real estate agent, it will be up to you to list your property on websites. 

There are several online housing markets you can list your home on, some are free, and some are paid. You’ll just want to keep these additional costs in mind when selling your house online. 

Listing your House on Online Marketplaces

Usually, the sites will prompt you for information about your home to create your listing. The process is pretty simple and should only take a few hours to complete depending on how many house listing sites you use. 

FSBO in Wisconsin

Since selling a house online is so easy, many people choose to do it on their own instead of hiring a real estate agent. For sale by owner, otherwise known as FSBO, is a great way to sell your house to save some money on a listing agent fee. The fee to list with an agent in Wisconsin usually ranges between 2.5 to 3.0%. For example, if you were to use the median sale price of $229,900 in Wisconsin, a listing agent fee could cost $5,750 to $6,900. 

With potential savings like that, selling FSBO in WI probably sounds like a great idea. Although, you should know that selling by yourself isn’t easy. Besides answering questions and phone calls, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with negotiating tips for selling your house and figure out how to price your home just right. Timing is important, too, so you’ll want to figure out the best time to sell your Wisconsin home. Needless to say, a lot goes into selling a house online in Wisconsin, so you’ll want to be prepared for the task ahead. 

FSBO Tip: Something to keep in mind when selling FSBO in Wisconsin. If a buyer uses an agent to purchase your home, you may be asked to pay the buyer’s commission. A buyer’s agent’s commission could cost 2.5-3.0% of the sale price—something to remember when you’re doing all the work to sell your house online. 

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Selling to Cash Home Buyers

Another selling option you have is to work with one of the cash home buyers in Milwaukee. If selling your house as-is interests you or would help you avoid costly home repairs, then working with a “we buy house Milwaukee” company would definitely benefit you. But what is a cash home buyer, and are they reputable? If you want to find the best home buyers in Milwaukee, look no further than Cream City Home Buyers. They are a local real estate investment firm and solutions company based out of Riverwest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Working with Cream City Home Buyers is simple, you can either contact them directly or fill out an easy form on their website. They’ll go over some questions about your property and either schedule a convenient time to view your home or ask you to send photos of your house. Once they review that information, they’ll present you with a no-obligation cash offer that doesn’t include agent commissions or service fees. (Service fees are typically seen when working with an iBuyer). Closing costs are also negotiable, and you’ll be able to sell your house completely as-is- no repairs or cleaning necessary. The only thing you’ll need to do next if you accept the offer is to decide on a closing date. The closing date can be as soon as 7-days from accepting the offer to a few months if you need longer. 

Selling to an online cash home buyer will not only save you thousands of dollars on repairs and real estate commissions but also months of uncertainty waiting for an offer on your home. This is a great option if you need to move quickly for a new job, are trying to avoid foreclosure or filing chapter 7 bankruptcy, or so you can purchase your next home without carrying two mortgages. 

Final Takeaways

Using online resources to sell your home is a great alternative to selling the traditional way. Since more and more people start their search for their next house online, you’ll be able to reach more people by advertising and marketing online too. Remember to prepare your home like you would if you were selling the traditional way by making repairs, taking photos, staging, and adding some curb appeal. You’ll also want to look for a top agent to work with or decide if you’d like to try selling by owner instead. If you’d prefer to take the easier route by selling your home as-is, you can always sell your house online to Cream City Home Buyers and avoid having to make repairs and paying expensive realtor commissions. Whichever option you choose, it’s nice to know that selling your house online in Wisconsin is available to you.

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