How To Sell A House With Water In The Basement In Milwaukee

Are you trying to sell a house with water in the basement in Milwaukee? You might think you’re up the creek when it comes to finding a buyer fast, but you’d be surprised. You have options, you just need to know how to find the people saying we buy houses with water in the basement. They’re out there. 

If you own a house with a basement, chances are you’re going to deal with water damage at some point. It could come in the form of a minor drip, a busted pipe, or outright flooding, but if you’re going to have a space built into the earth below the surface, there are a lot of elements attempting to fill that space, water being one of the biggest ones. 

And make no mistake, water damage can be a major problem for a homeowner. Not only do you have to deal with the impact of water at the moment but there can be lasting damage that will impair your ability to sell your house in the future. Water damage leaves behind so many problems to consider. There are stains on the carpet, floor, and walls. There are damaged items and fixtures. And water brings mold and bacteria with it, all of which can pool and fester and grow in your basement without you knowing. 

However, you have options, even if you want to sell your house fast. So let’s take a closer look at how to sell a house with water in the basement in Milwaukee. 

Water In Basement In Milwaukee? Tips To Sell

water in basement in milwaukee damaging walls

How Does Water Damage Happen in My House

The first thing to be aware of when thinking about your selling your house fast is considering how water damage might occur. This allows you a chance to try to prevent it before it happens but also makes it easier to identify the cause if it does happen. 

As we consider the basement, we start by looking upward. One of the most common causes of water damage comes from having a flat roof. The level gradient of a flat roof can cause a lot of problems in a house as debris builds up and water doesn’t have anywhere to go. The weight of the roof can accumulate as water pools, looking for a place to run into the house, which often leads down into the basement. In Milwaukee, it’s critical to keep an eye on your roof due to rain but also because of ice dams and snow accumulation. Ice can block drains and cause water or melting snow to redirect inward. If it finds cracks in the roof, that’s going to come down and into your house and basement. 

A major cause of basement flooding can be attributed to leaky pipes. It can be very tough for the average homeowner to detect leaky pipes but if you are finding out about this after the fact it may already be too late for you to deal with them. You might think that the construction of the pipes is the sole cause but there are other ways pipes can degrade. The wrong pH balance of your water can dissolve copper pipes. Pipes can also freeze in the cold Wisconsin winters. And pipes can also simply rust and degrade. It’s a good idea to have an expert come out and look at your pipes before a problem starts.  

How do you spot leaky pipes without breaking down your walls? Look for stains and water circles on walls, ceilings, and floors. Bubbling or peeling paint is also a sign that water is getting in there. Soggy spots on the floor are signs of moisture and leakage. As soon as you notice any of these things, call a plumber and get an expert in there to assess the damage. 

Check Your Water Damage Insurance

If you find yourself living in a Milwaukee house with water damage in the basement, check your insurance policy immediately to see if you are covered. It might seem like this is a no-brainer but different policies have different rules for what they cover when it comes to water damage. 

The kinds of water damage usually covered by your insurance will include accidental discharge, flooding, overflow, and sewer backup. There are other types of water damage that might be included but it needs to be an issue that was not caused by deliberate neglect. So if you were aware of water damage happening and allowed it to get worse without doing anything, there’s good chance insurance will not cover it. The types of homeowners policy you have will also impact what is covered and what isn’t. The amount covered may or may not cover what would be needed to make repairs. 

If you find out that you have water damage in your basement, you should notify your insurance company as soon as possible, do what you can to stop or mute the leak, remove standing water if possible, take photographs of everything you can, create a damage inventory, and find another place to sleep if possible or necessary. 

Get Inspected For Mold & Water Damage

As mentioned, your problems don’t go away when the water does. Water damage in your house leaves behind a trail of problems that you’ll need to deal with, chief among them might be mold. Mold can overwhelm someone trying to sell their house with water damage because it can be so hard to identify or get rid of fully unless you’re an expert. You really want to consider hiring a mold inspector if you plan on selling the house on the open market in Milwaukee. A mold inspection will help to identify it in the places that you can’t see, like behind walls or under floors. They can also help you prevent any future problems that could crop up in the future while you try to sell your house.

How much will all of this cost? It depends on the size of your basement and house as well as just how infested the house is with mold and bacteria. If you’re dealing with black mold, that could range anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to a few thousand. Actually getting rid of all the mold and cleaning out the basement can run you as much as $5,000 or even more. And if the damage is extensive, you could be looking at five figures just to get back to a place where you can sell your house with water damage on the housing market. 

house with basement water damage for sale as-is in milwaukee

Sell Your House As-Is to Cash Buyer

If you find yourself dealing with a house with water damage in the basement and you want to sell it, the costs and time involved with preparing it for the housing market can be overwhelming. You could be looking at months of repairs and thousands of dollars, with no guarantees that it will pay off when you sell the house as buyers will be aware of the water damage and have concerns. 

If you have to avoid the headaches and hassle, or if you want to sell your house with water damage fast, you can sell it as-is to a cash buyer like Cream City Home Buyers. We buy properties with water damage in basements and we don’t require you to clean up or make any repairs. We will buy your house in its current condition and we will give you cash fast for it. 
The process is so simple. Contact us today and let us know about your house that you want to sell. We’ll reach out for more information or set up a time to come take a look at the basement and the rest of the property. Then we’ll make you a fair cash offer on your house regardless of the damage. You’re under no obligation but if you accept we can close the deal in a matter of days. We’ll also pay you cash for the house right away and we’ll deal with the water damage in the basement so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

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