6 Steps To Selling A House That Needs Work In Milwaukee

Do you have a house that needs work? Are you thinking about selling it? You’ve got a lot to think about. If you’re attempting to sell a house in Milwaukee that needs work, you’re going to have to consider your options. The chances that market buyers are going to want to buy your house that needs work as-is is low, or at least the chances that you’ll get what you’re asking for it low. Especially once you have to explain to them that there’s mold damage in the basement or the roof is leaking or the bathroom is flooded. Market buyers have lots of options they can consider and competition in the housing market can be fierce. So if you’re going to sell on the market, you’ve got some work to do. 

Of course, your alternative is to sell your house that needs work in Milwaukee to a cash home buyer like Cream City Home Buyers. We buy houses as-is all the time and we’re happy to do it. We don’t need you to make any repairs or clean up anything, we’ll buy your house in the condition it’s in right now. Don’t believe us? Contact us today and get a no-obligation offer to pay you cash for your house. You’ve got nothing to lose. 

But if you do decide to sell your Milwaukee house that needs repairs on the market, here are six steps you’ll need to consider.

How To Sell A House That Needs Works In Milwaukee

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Makes Repairs As You Can

If you want to sell a Milwaukee house in need of repairs on the open market, it’s really important to remember that market buyers usually don’t want to buy a house that needs work. A select few market buyers will be interested in buying a house with broken floorboards, busted pipes, or a flooded basement. Even just the knowledge that the house was recently damaged but has since been repaired can send many market buyers looking elsewhere. 

Costs add up pretty quickly when your house is in need of work and the most critical thing to do is make a priority list of the repairs needed in order to make the house market-ready. You should base this ranking on the cost to make the repairs as well as the value the finished version has to buyers. From there, figure out what you can afford to do and what makes sense to do. You also need to consider that you may or may not be able to recoup the costs involved in these repairs. 

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you’re dealing with extensive problems like mold, water damage, or a termite infestation, you should consult with experts to see if they can come in and deal with the problems. You may not be aware of how big the damage is and what’s happening below the floors or inside the walls. Experts can assess the whole picture and make sure the work that needs to get done is completed in full. You don’t want to get in over your head and try to fix your Milwaukee house when you don’t know what you’re doing. You could make things even worse. 

Get Your House Inspected and Appraised

If you’re trying to sell a house in disrepair in Milwaukee, you need to know the true value of that house in the eyes of the market. If you decide to list your house with a real estate agent, they will provide you with an analysis that includes the home’s market value based on recent data. This not only depends on the condition of your house but also how similar homes have sold and the exact location of your house in Milwaukee. 

But you shouldn’t just take their word for it. Have the house inspected and appraised before you decide to list it and work with a real estate agent who will take a commission fee of the sale price. An inspector will give you a solid understanding of your home’s value and what you can expect market buyers to ask for. It also helps you discover any issues you weren’t already aware of. You don’t want that to come out after negotiations and the buyer thinks you were hiding something. 

Consider Curbside Appeal

One of the most important aspects of selling a house in need of work on the housing market is the curb appeal. Buyers are going to start driving by on their own to take a look. What’s going to make them stop and want to come inside? That means making sure the lawn is always freshly mowed, the landscaping looks sharp, the fences have a fresh coat of paint on them and the garage looks clean. The point is to make it so that buyers need to take a closer look right away.

Price Your House Right

Even though you’re selling a Milwaukee house in need of repairs, you have a good idea of what you think the house is worth. However, market buyers are going to have their own idea and it’s important your listing price matches that expectation. Setting your price correctly is a critical step. Price too high and you’ll scare off most of your potential buyers. Price too low and you’ll make people wonder what’s wrong. It’s a mixture of science, art, and luck, but it’s critical to figure it out. 

Hire a Photographer & Home Stager

When it comes to selling a house in Milwaukee, the process begins online for most market buyers. So make sure you hire a professional photographer who can make the exterior and interior of your house really pop. You’ll also want to consider hiring a home stager to create a pleasing vision of your home’s interiors. You want the house to appeal to a wide audience and that likely doesn’t include your memorabilia. They’re going to come in and depersonalize the house, which might not feel great, but is a necessary part of appealing to market buyers who want to envision themselves in the house. 

House with damp damage for sale as-is

Consider Selling Your Home As-Is

As you can see, trying to sell a home in Milwaukee in need of work on the open market sounds exhausting and expensive. You’re competing against houses in much better condition for buyers who don’t want to deal with the problems you’re leaving behind And even if you do everything perfectly, there are no guarantees you’ll be able to sell your Milwaukee house on the market. Your house could sit there for months, accruing new costs, while your real estate agent prepares to take a big chunk out of the final sale price with their commission. 

Another option you have is to sell your home that needs repairs as-is directly to a cash home buyer like Cream City Home Buyers. We buy houses in Milwaukee as-is. That means we buy houses that need work and we don’t ask you to do any of it. We’ll make the repairs and clean up. We will buy your house in its current condition and deal with it so you don’t have to. And we’ll give you cash for it!

The process begins as soon as you contact us. Tell us more about your house in need of work and we’ll start putting together a no-obligation offer. If you decide to accept, you tell us when you want to close. Don’t make any repairs or fixes, just get cash from us, and then we’ll deal with the house!

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