house for sale one year after buying it

Selling Your House After 1 Year

Here’s some important advice if you plan to sell your house after one year in Wisconsin and get the best deal for it.

Knowing when to sell your house can be tricky since buying a home is a long-term investment. Different unavoidable circumstances lead people to sell their houses after a short time, such as one year or less.

If you are asking, “Can you sell a home after one year?” Yes, you can. However, there’s a high risk you will lose money without proper prior guidance. Buying a home entails many upfront expenses—typically 3% to 5% of the buying price. Selling is even costlier.

Nevertheless, you might be willing to take these financial risks due to a valid reason. The reasons vary depending on the nature and character of the homeowner. Some are just personal choices, while others are due to unavoidable circumstances.

house for sale one year after buying it

Why Some People Might Sell a Home After One Year

Whether it is your first home or your fourth home, there are various reasons why you may want to sell your house after one year. Below we have listed some of the common ones:

  1. Job Change: Whether for better or worse, sometimes the job you planned on having when you moved to your new home does not work out. Whatever the reason, when your employment status changes, so do your finances, and you may be forced to relocate.
  2. Lousy Location: Sometimes, the new home may turn out to be in an unsafe locality, or the weather conditions might not be as favorable as you expected. This might then force you to relocate.
  3. You Do Not Like the House: Another reason for selling your house may be because your new home did not turn out to be as perfect as you hoped. Things like underlying structural problems might make you sell your house.
  4. Health Emergencies: Other times, you may need to free up equity to pay medical bills or your current living expenses.
  5. Family Changes: An increase in the number of kids may lead you to relocate to a new home.
  6. Market Change: In some instances, the real estate market is so hot that a home’s value will go through the roof in just a single year. In this case, selling your house for a profit and moving to another place makes a lot of sense financially.

The Costs of Selling a House After One Year

Unless you need to move immediately due to unforeseen life circumstances, selling a house within the year of purchase is not the best time to sell your house. When you sell a place you have just bought, you will have a challenging time breaking even if your home value has gone way up.

Below are some of the closing costs incurred while selling a house:

Capital Gains Taxes

A capital gains tax is a charge levied on the profits made from selling assets such as real estate properties, stocks, and bonds. A capital gains tax is the difference between the selling price and the original costs of your home.

Any profit you make from selling a house may be subjected to capital gains taxation. The government will collect tax according to the profit you make.

However, if you use the money earned to buy a new house from companies that buy houses in Milwaukee where you would stay for a long time, the government will not tax the earnings as a capital gain. Instead, it will tax it as a business income.

Home Staging and Cleaning

Home staging is the process of preparing a home for sale to make it look appealing to buyers without being too obvious. You can opt to DIY to save up on costs but hiring a professional in Milwaukee, Wisconsin ranges at an average of $100 to $150.

The costs vary depending on your home’s size. Letting the professionals do their job does pay off; hence it is often the better alternative.

Utility Cost

Before selling your home, you should ensure that you clear any due electricity or water bills. If you are not selling your home on an as-is basis, try and fix some damaged utilities such as air conditioning and lighting.

Closing Costs

Accepting a cash offer for your house can help you clear closing costs for sellers fast. Most charges, however, are incurred by the buyer. If it is in the case of a buyer’s market, you should not be stunned if you are also required to foot some of the buyer’s costs as well.

Typical costs include property taxes, transfer fees, attorney fees, estate agents fees, homeowners association fees, taxes, and title insurance. Luckily, most of these fees are negotiable, and it is not sure that you as a seller will foot all of them.

When It’s Worthwhile to Sell a Home After a Year

Unless you are a professional house flipper, selling your home after one year is not the wisest financial decision. This is because it is often hard to get a profit after a year or less.

Quick Tip: You do not always have to wait on the market! There is more to life than just money. There are certain instances when it is more meaningful to sell your house after a year. These include:

Rapid Market Appreciation

In real estate, rapid market appreciation refers to the increase of property value within a short time. This is often attributed to new developments in an area, especially by the government. 

This can be likened to housing bubbles characterized by high demand, low supply, and increased prices.

Construction of infrastructures like roads, railways, stadia, ports, or social amenities like hospitals can be some of the factors causing rapid market appreciation. 

If the home values in your area are surging upwards rapidly, you may want to “sell my house fast Brookfield” to take advantage of rising markets and make profits.

Forced Appreciation

Forced appreciation is whereby you, as an investor, endeavor to control the increase in property value. 

Value can be increased by increasing the amount of revenue generated by a property. You can also add bathrooms, curb appeal, rehab a cheap duplex, or add bedrooms to force an increase in value.

Therefore, the two major ways of making money from forced appreciation are increasing the rental income or decreasing the property expenses. As such, it would be wise to sell a property after one year.

Financial Issues

Life is full of ups and downs. One moment you may be rich, and the next, you may have some financial constraints. This may be due to losing a job, saving more, unforeseen calamities/emergencies, and accruing expenses.

Therefore, it would be okay to sell your house and relocate to a more affordable place to manage the little you have. When you can sort out these challenges, you can then decide to relocate to a better place or stay at the same place.

Running the Numbers Before Selling a House One Year Later

Some people will blindly rush into selling a home before figuring out how the process is likely to play out. If you are considering selling your house one year later, it would be best to consider the numbers to be sure you can afford to do so.

Estate Agents Commissions

Working with a real estate agent means that you have to understand how much you need to pay in commissions. An agent typically requires an average of 6% of the total sale price as commission.

Couple Calculating Mortgage Repayment and Tax Balances

Mortgage Repayment and Tax Balances

During close off, you will be required to pay your due mortgage balance. If the anticipated value does not cover these costs, you will require extra funds to close. 

The best course of action would be selling your house at a price that will cater to all these costs without you having to go back to your pockets.

Expected Home Sale Value

Value, in simple terms, is what a buyer will pay for your home. Find we buy homes Wisconsin professional agents who can help you calculate the real value of your home and speed up the process of a sale. 

There are also online tools at your disposal that help you calculate your home value.


Will listing your house for sale be worthwhile? The only way to find out is by plugging in all data, then weighing all the pros and cons. Working with a professional takes the guesswork out of the process.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it! You will need this detailed guide on some tips for selling your house after one year.

Hopefully, we have answered your query comprehensively on “can you sell a home after one year?” If you decide to sell your house after one year, make sure you have a good probable cause. That said, at times, you have to sell, making selling after one year worthwhile.

Reach out to us anytime if you still need help selling your house after one year, and we will be glad to help.

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