Sell Your House in 5 Days

These days, nobody understands the phrase “life comes at you fast,” like a homeowner that needs to get a house sold yesterday. 

Whether you’ve found out that you suddenly need to move closer to family, or you’re taking on the job offer of a lifetime, it’s much easier to step into a new situation without your old house hanging over your head. 

You can sell your house in five days, even if it has a CVS receipt-long list of repairs. The key is to get more creative than just putting a “for sale” sign in the front yard and hoping for the asking price to appear in your bank account magically. Here’s the real way to get the ball rolling.

Research Cash Buyers in Wisconsin

Research Cash Buyers in Wisconsin 

Do you remember how the banker was the essential player in Monopoly? Well, the same principle carries over to cash buyers in Wisconsin. 

We buy houses in Wisconsin and have observed cash buyers numerous times. They already have money in hand, and they have the opposite problem you’re facing: how do they get a house as quickly as possible? 

Here’s the secret about cash buyers: they are keen on putting that cash to work. Real estate is the perfect vehicle to turn cash into an asset they can use in various ways. 

Your house may be just what they’re looking for, and it’s essential to get their attention. 

A house listed at the right price gets the attention of cash buyers; since they have cash and can close quickly, a good bargain gets noticed quickly. 

Accepting a cash offer for your house can get you out of the house and easily onto your next adventure. 

Don’t forget that there are companies that buy houses; Milwaukee is full of buyers that fall under this category. 

Work with a Renowned Agent 

One of the common misconceptions about getting your house sold in five days is that an agent can’t help you reach that goal. 

This isn’t the case at all; agents love quick sales. As they are fully commission-based, they don’t make any money until your house gets sold. Therefore, they can tap into their network of buyers to see who is looking for a property right now. 

The best agents in Wisconsin can look at who is looking for a new property right now, and their network may be a lot larger than meets the eye. Families aren’t the only ones looking for residences in the area; real estate investors are always on the hunt. 

So your house may look like the perfect investment opportunity for a real estate buyer focused on adding rentals to their portfolio. They also may wish to fix the property up, hold it, and wait for prices to climb. This type of “long-term flip” is growing in popularity, as it gives investors more time to upgrade the home. 

What To Look for in an Agent

When talking to an agent, make sure that you stress the importance of a speedy sale. This conveys that you’re a motivated seller looking for the best offer, which may not be the highest offer. It’s better to hit the time requirement and not make as much on the sale versus making more money but waiting longer. 

What makes one agent stand out over the others? Recommendations. Don’t be afraid to ask many questions about an agent to get a sense of how they operate, who they know, and what steps they take to handle complicated sales, such as when a house needs to get moved quickly. 

Your home’s sale price might be much higher than you think!

A realtor is a specific term for a particular type of agent part of the National Association of Realtors. They can help you on the backend by looking at comparable homes in your area and draw on their experience from helping home sellers in your situation. 

Offer a ‘One Day Only’ Sale 

A one-day-only sale is gaining in popularity. It is exactly what it sounds like: your home is available for purchase one day, and then people either buy it or move on to the next opportunity. This isn’t the best strategy for every home, but it can get a home sold quickly. 

Buyers never want to miss out on a chance, even if they have to take action quickly. You can offer a one-day sale on your own or turn to a real estate agent to help you with the process. It’s entirely up to you, as the end goal is the same: get the house sold! 

Be aware that a one-day sale usually requires a very competitive price. This will not be the top price in the market, and you’ll have to sacrifice a higher price tag to get the house sold. 

Just as there are motivated sellers, there are definitely motivated potential buyers looking to scoop up a property quickly. 

Cash home buyers in Elm Grove appreciate one-day-only sales, but other cities in Wisconsin follow the same pattern. 

Be the New House on the Block

The best way for a home to get a lot of attention is through new construction; after all, who doesn’t like to look at a brand new, shiny house? 

However, the second-best way to get attention is to look like the new house on the block. You can’t recreate the first outcome, but you can look like the new house on the block through quick makeovers that draw attention. 

Are You Selling in Winter? 

Light up the house at night to draw people to see precisely the potential if they purchased the property themselves. An excellent first impression sets the stage for buyers to begin imagining themselves in the property.

Are You Selling in Spring? 

Add fresh flowers to really bring out that old-fashioned feeling of welcome and hospitality. This is also a great time to declutter; those closets probably have plenty that can find a new home at a donation shop.

Are You Selling in Summer? 

A water fountain of any size creates not just new dimensions but new noises. The bubbling of a water fountain invokes a sense of calm, and home buyers like the idea of a house coming with its own inner Zen. An open house in the summer attracts plenty of interested parties; the weather helps draw plenty of “strollers” out to check out your home. 

Are You Selling in Fall? 

Outdoor decor gives a sense of welcome and pulls people in to give your home a second look. Add a festive wreath to the front door. Curb appeal makes all the difference when you’re trying to get a house fast sold.

No matter which idea you run with first, keep in mind that the purpose is to get attention in the area. You never know who will drive by your house, see how great it looks, and go back and let their friends and family know about the opportunity. 

Market Your Home Like a Business

To sell your home quickly, you’ll have to start thinking less like a residential seller and more like a real estate business. How are you going to market your home?

For example, are you just going to take a few pictures of your house on your phone and post them to Facebook, or will you create a brand new Instagram and reach out to your local real estate community with high-quality photos? 

Focus on the Pictures

Home selling is all about the pictures. They should showcase the great landscaping of your home and the renovations made to the property over the years.

The visual is what gets a house plenty of attention, and you have to begin marketing your home like a business if you want to sell it quickly. Every real estate market is different, but some core principles remain the same in all areas. 

Display your photos on social media. Good social media posts and interactions tie everything together, from reaching out to first-time buyers all the way up to making it clear that your property is worth the walk-through time.

Tell Your Story

Yet, the visual isn’t the only part of the formula to focus upon; you have to think about the story you’re telling with the house. Prospective buyers will want to know why you’re selling; make sure that you have a solid story that makes sense. 

Don’t worry about sending the wrong message. After all, if you’re trying to sell the house quickly, buyers will already draw their own conclusions on why you need a quick sale. That’s why it’s important to put your true story out there, to advise that this is about a new chapter of your life. 

Get a Home Inspection

Get a Home Inspection

Part of the marketing process is also going to involve looking at the current issues with the home. Do you have money budgeted for an inspection? 

While buyers will naturally want to send in their own inspector, having an independent inspection report already completed screams “prepared” without you having to tell buyers you’re prepared. 

Sell Your Property As-Is for a Lower Price

Ultimately, one of the best ways to sell your property fast is to sell it for a lower price. 

We get it: selling for a lower price is like being asked to light part of your profits on fire and be happy with the results. 

Before you think we’ve let the aliens take over our good sense, hear us out. Selling your property as-is has some substantial benefits: 

  • No repairs. A buyer looking at as-is properties knows that the owner will not fix anything, and you get to save your repair budget for your next adventure. 
  • No heavy lifting. It’s up to you what remains in your home and what you take with you, which can lower moving costs.
  • Big time saver. You don’t have to wait for repairs to finish before listing your home for sale. That’s a lot less hassle and stress.

Disclosing defects in the home might sound scary, but here’s something that ought to ease your mind:  not all repairs feel the same to every single buyer. 

For those that like to get hands-on with a house, your home might simply feel like an exciting challenge. 

Real estate investors are also savvy with repairs and understand what will be difficult and what repairs are no more annoying than wheeling the trash cans to the curb before the trash trucks run by in the morning. 

Not all repairs are complicated, which means that buyers can still become wildly interested in your home. 

When an as-is listing is paired with the right price, it’s like magic: buyers that would otherwise ignore your home are suddenly very keen on checking the place out. They can always get their own home inspection so they can understand what’s 

This is where good staging comes in: you want to make buyers feel like they are only a few steps away from turning the home into their masterpiece. 

The more people can visualize being in the house themselves, the more likely they will follow through with an offer. Let them turn on the faucets and imagine how the floor plan works with their vision, not yours.

Neutral colors are always best; buyers can add their fresh coat of paint to round things out. 

Final Thoughts

Are you selling your house by yourself? You don’t have to do it entirely alone. Help is only a phone call away, but by following these tips, you should be on the path to a quick home sale. 

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to sell your home, Cream City Home Buyers can ensure a sale in as little time as possible with no hassle or paperwork to hold up the process. By following these three simple steps for a fair cash offer, you can be on your way to the new adventure that awaits you! 

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