Selling a House With Foundation Problems in Wisconsin

It is possible to sell your home even if you have mild to serious foundation issues in Wisconsin. There can be some difficulties with selling a house with foundation problems. Foundation problems can cause structural damage to your home, and foundation repair can be expensive. 

It is essential that you know how to determine foundation issues. If you have foundation issues, you must understand the cost of fixing the foundation, as that cost can determine your potential buyer. The cost to repair can be determined by a foundation inspector. The cost can vary depending on if you need minor foundation repairs or major foundations repairs. 

Once you know how much the extent of your foundation issues, you will be able to make the right decision for selling your home to the best home buyer. 

foundation damage on a house

Determining Foundation Issues 

There are warning signs that can help with determining foundation issues. You can check out your property to see if any of these signs are visible. 

The most noticeable sign of problems with the foundation is large jagged cracks in the drywall. These cracks can run from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. If the foundation problems are substantial structural damage like walls pulling away from the foundation or nails starting to protrude out of walls can occur. 

There could also be cracks in floor tiles; a few cracks are okay. If there are a lot of cracks, this could be a sign of a house with foundation issues. Uneven floors or sagging in the flooring can be a sign of foundation problems as well.  

Sometimes, with foundation problems, windows and doors start to stick to their frames, making it difficult to properly open and close the doors or windows. The doors and window frames may become tilted due to warping walls. Door frames jutting out of the walls can be a sign of a severe foundation issue.

Foundation problems can cause your chimney to lean or crack. 

Moisture can seep to seep into the walls and floors. The water behind walls can be hard to notice, but this dampness usually attracts bugs like cockroaches and silverfish.  

A key sign of foundation problems is large or thick cracks in the foundation itself. However, thin cracks are typical due to how concrete cures, so don’t be alarmed by hairline cracks. But the large cracks running through a foundation are not a normal part of curing concrete and are a sign that the concrete is breaking where it shouldn’t be.

There are other reasons some of these things, like cracked walls or doors sticking when opened or closed, occur, but this may signify a foundation problem if you notice more than one issue occurring simultaneously. 

You should call in an engineer or a foundation expert to do a full foundation inspection. The inspection will let you know if you need minor foundation repair or major foundation repair. 

Costing Foundation Repairs 

There is a wide price range for foundation repairs. Cosmetic foundation repairs that cover minor cracks may be as low as $500.  Extensive foundation issues could be over $10,000 for major foundation repairs. The national average cost of foundation repair is about $4,600. 

The type of foundation you have and the amount of damage to the foundation determine the foundation repair costs. 

If you are selling your house, budgeting for foundation repairs can be tricky. The amount of money available to you may determine the decision you make on repairing the foundation before you sell it or not. 

Should You Repair Foundation Issues Before Selling Your House? 

It depends on the extent of your foundation issues and how much money you want to get for your house. 

If you fix the foundation before you sell, you will be able to ask for a higher asking price when you list the house. But you will have to pay for the foundation repairs upfront before you get the money from selling the home. Repairing the foundation of a house may not be worth your while.  

Cosmetic foundation repairs that are only a few hundred dollars are probably a great idea. You will see a return on the investment. Even minor foundation issues can cause buyers to be wary of buying the house. 

Major foundation repairs that cost several thousand dollars may not be worth the repair cost. It may be better to take less money for the house and let the buyer deal with the foundation issues. 

It is good practice to get three quotes on your foundation repair costs so that you can decide if the cost is too high or not. 

How to Sell a House with Foundation Damage 

Selling a house that needs repairs in Wisconsin can be done, but there are a few things you need to know. 

As the seller, you should understand the full extent of your foundation issues. Use your knowledge of the foundation problems to spin the issue in your favor. The buyer may want to do the repairs so they can control things if the layout needs to change.

Sometimes major foundation problems can scare house buyers away, but you are required by law to disclose any foundation problems to the potential buyers. 

You should have a foundation inspection report detailing the full extent of the foundation problems. Share this report with interested buyers or companies that buy houses in Wisconsin

Negotiate the price to fit not only your needs but the needs of the buyer. Remember that selling your house for less money can still be the best course of action because you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars that may not come back to you at the sales price. 

house with foundation damage for sale as is

Is it Worthwhile Selling the House As-Is? 

It may be worth it to sell a house as is for cash, though it depends on your needs as the seller. Selling your house as-is has some pros and cons. 

If you need a quick sale because you are moving for a new job somewhere else, selling your house with foundation problems can still be a great option. If you need to relocate quickly, selling as-is will keep you from having to make time-consuming and costly repairs.

Another reason selling as-is may be a good option for you is when you just don’t have the upfront funds to do the repairs needed to do renovations before putting it on the market. 

Selling as-is does not exempt you from disclosing foundation issues. As mentioned earlier, you are legally obligated to tell any potential buyers the full extent of the foundation issues. 

Selling as-is will attract a particular type of buyer. Many house flippers or real estate investors don’t mind buying a house as-is for cash because they have the funds to do the necessary repairs. 

Other buyers may think they can get a good deal on the house because it is as-is. Make sure that you get the amount the house is worth in its current condition. Just because it requires repair doesn’t mean you can’t sell it for what it is worth. 

Would a Cash Home Buyer Be a Better Option?

In many cases, selling to a cash home buyer is better if your home has significant foundation issues. 

Selling your house to a Wisconsin cash buyer helps you and the buyer. A typical cash buyer would be a home flipper or a commercial real estate company specializing in cash home buying. 

Working with cash home buyers Milwaukee instead of a flipper from out of state is best for you. Cash home buyers in Wisconsin know the best values in the area, and they will give you the best offer. 

Houses with foundation issues can appraise for under their actual value causing problems for a buyer financing the purchase. Taking a cash offer will allow you to sell the home at the correct value without dealing with appraisals.

Cash buyers like to buy houses quickly, sometimes even before they go on the market. This option gives you the flexibility to choose the closing date that is best for you. 

The best part of selling your house to a Wisconsin cash home buyer is that you won’t have to deal with your foundation issues. You get the money for your home, and the buyer will deal with all the repairs. All you have to do is find a new place to live. 


Selling your home with foundation problems is not as daunting as you may have thought initially. We buy homes Brookfield and in the whole of Wisconsin. You have several great opinions to sell your home. 

You can repair minor foundation issues and sell your house for top dollar. If the problems are more severe, you have the option to sell as-is in the open market or for a fair cash deal from Wisconsin cash home buyers. 

Whatever your situation, there is a great option waiting for you in the Wisconsin home seller’s market. 

So choose the best option for you and sell your house with foundation problems and move into a home that is on a solid foundation. 

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